The color of life

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3 years ago

The color represents the reflecting of objects .

To me, the color is not the appearance of objects. it seems like the color reflecting of my life .

The pure white color seemed like what I was during childhood,

I was like a blend new painting book with pure white pages that needed to be painted.

The color had become richer and changeable when I was a teenager . The color extremely changed as long as the emotion changed.

The color would be strong bright or dark as if the changeable teenager with no reason.

The color of life had become stabilized in the midlife.

Life was getting smooth and tender as well as the color of life.

The color of life was the most valuable and richest like the color wheel that combined all the colors in one. The ability of painting in that age was the strongest to paint freely. to control the color value easily. The capability at the career was specialized in the peek of value,

The experiences made life the most valuable with vivid color during midlife

The color of the gloaming is the warmest color of the day that seems like the twilight of life.

The sunset is the most splendid color of the day even it is dimming.

it seems like age in twilight life of mine.

I am physically and mentally week at this age but think the glass of half-full,

The positive attitude makes my life the most gorgeous moment and splendor color of life .

In this age aligns with the people who are optimistic that makes me happier than never.

Some said what color you like would represent what you are.

What is your favorite color?

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Nice article, thanks a lot ☺

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3 years ago

Wow very nice article... Thank you very much

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3 years ago

আপনি সেই রকম আর্টিকেল লেখেন, just wow...😮

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3 years ago

The color would be strong bright or dark as if the changeable teenager with no are right dear.

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3 years ago


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3 years ago