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Can a photograph change the world?

A photography always impresses someone by its image。

The image shows not only a object but a strong story behind the photo.

The power of photograph is much stronger than words that always capture one’s imagination to read the story behind it. It makes watchers thinking, smiling, laughing, angry, frightening, and even tearing.

The power of image would be created by photographers with thoughtful constructing and excellent photographing skills.

The photos might be taken by someone to captures an impressive moment or intent on keeping the historical moment.

When a image of a dead child on the beach which was shown on the news that really hurted parent's hearts badly, especially mothers.

A photo with missing children crying in the long line of refugees made people worrying about not only children but also the future of those families.

When bodies scattered everywhere in the pgotos of war ,those photos makes people angary and making another war ,

and the weapons of photos impact other nations to create more.

In addition to those impact , romantic photos with newly couple or lovers always smooth ones’ heart.

Thephotographic view of somewhere capture attention of eager to travel.

The antique image would show the part of history.

The attractivephotos of products always appeal to consumers’ attention and change the habit of consuming.

Can the world be changed by a photo?

The world is changing every day as well as people.

they may be not be changed by photos, but photos indeed impact the world time to time, even some photos were fake with attempting.

Would those violence attackers and leaders who start the war see more photos with the images of home with family more than those images of the war ?

I am always impressed by photographs no matter its positive or negative. I would rather to see the positive side of the stories behind the photos what will change the world.

What are your impressions of photographs?

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WoooooW so sweet,, Really great article.... Thanksssss

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Photo can be understand better than talking with other language have written good article.take some cents.

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Wwwwwoooowwww😍😍😍onek sundor hoyeche...amader sathe share korar jnno.... thank you....❤

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