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My life is Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

Today is Monday, 19 april, 2021

Hey guys! How are you all? I'm @Arnob from Bangladesh.

I've been associated with the site for the last one year. I can know about through this site. Currently I am working on both sites. These two websites have 2 lakh plus users. I am one of them. Today I will tell the story of my life. Every user has a life story like my life story.

My life :

I was born in 1998. After school and college, I am currently studying at Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur. My family has six members. They are my parents, older brother, younger brother and my grandmother. My father's occupation is agriculture. He is the only earner. He is currently unable to earn due to old age.

How could I know about and

Covid-19 vs my life: At first coronavirus infections in China's Wuhan Province in 2019. At one point, the virus spread around the world. The first coronavirus patient was identified in Bangladesh in March 2020. That is why, on March 17 all educational institutions in the country were declared closed. Currently closed.

When the educational institution was declared closed, I moved to my home town. Then I continue to make various efforts to earn money. Finally I found out about through one of my friends. Then let's start working on this site. And then I can know about through site. Currently I am working on both sites.

Read Cash and Noise Cash vs My life: and is the biggest making money website. I have been making money on these two websites for a long time. Through this income, I have been providing for my family and the money spent on my studies. Many thanks to those who are controlling these web sites and those who are funding.

BCH vs My family: I am proud to be able to meet my family's needs, from food to clothing by Bitcoin Cash. I am able to help my family members with the money I earn. In the last one week we have been able to realize how bright the future of Bitcoin Cash is.

BCH vs My cows: In addition to supporting the family, I am raising two cows. Bitcoin cash is converted into local currency for cattle feed. And buy food with that local currency. That is to say, my cows are growing by BCH.

Every user has a story in their life like my life story. Thousands of users are able to support their families by Bitcoin Cash. Many thanks to all founder who helped our family by their donation.

Many many thanks to and founder and donars.

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$ 4.00 from @Ellie
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Written by   126
1 year ago
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