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2 years ago

# Ignorant_wife

1st episode


When I married Tithi, she was 14, about my cousin, my grandmother got married, I had to be the victim of this sacrifice because I was the eldest son of the family, when I married her, I was 26, you know, two inhabitants of two planets, grandmother was also the last At the stage, he could go for a walk, so one day he called his father and uncle and arranged for this sacrifice. One of her granddaughters will see her, and she will marry me with Tithi, so I got married to Tithi with some kind of force. I'm doing it, I'm not saying anything, after about two minutes I said with a rebuke, what are you doing?

Date: Hello,

I can see that you have to greet for so long?

Grandma says to stop saluting when you wake me up,

(Listening to him makes me burst out laughing)

So what else is your grandmother saying?

Talking more,

What are you saying? (With a smile on his face)

Says to sleep at night with your head on your chest, if you hug me I should not interrupt, do not shout, up ...

Now stop, let's go to bed,

Granny tells me to take her on my lap, (Date)

Dimu teeth with a chatakana under the ear, he has to take the bed? Whatever works,

Ooooo this time I understand why grandma is not screaming,

What do you mean? (I)

I'm in pain because you slap me, so don't cry, if you shout, Mama will come and hit you, I don't remember one day you were hitting me and I was screaming, then Mama came and gave you a run, laughed and said, you hit I will not shout,

(I don't laugh, I don't understand Kadab,)

What if you don't kill him?

That courage has increased in one day, can you talk about my words? Which is in bed (with threats, he is very scared of me again)

(Fearing for his life, he went to bed)

I also went to bed and gave him a shirt in my hand. A few days ago he was telling me on the phone that he would bring me a yellow shirt when he came. That is what I gave him today.

Brother what is it (date)

Open up

Wow, it's so beautiful bro, THANK YOU kissed me on the cheek, well why are you like that?

How? (I)

If you had given me this dress before now, I would have read it. Would you have read the sari?

But you don't have to know anything, open the sari and read it. I can't sleep after the sari,

Well (he started to open the sari)

What are you doing?

Why don't you wear it?

Guys say so here?

Why any problems?

No, there is no problem, who goes to the bathroom, washes his hands and face and comes back after getting dressed.

Okay (went to the bathroom)

After a while the dress came off and said brother how do I feel?

Hmmm, that's pretty cool.

Mama mami who come to show?

No, you don't have to go so late at night, and from today on you won't call your parents anymore

Why? What should I call Uncle Aunty?

No, call her mother and father, after marriage all daughters call her husband's mother and father as mother and father,

What I can't do, I'm ashamed of,

Come on,

Why kill?

No income, listen, let me tell you something, after marriage, girls have to change some things, her husband's parents have to call their parents, reduce restlessness, and talk less. Remember?

Hmmm, let's go.

All right now sleep, so I went to bed,

(He lay down, but not on the pillow, on my chest)

Is there a lack of pillows in the bed?

Nanit says to sleep like this,

I didn't say anything after seeing his stem factory,

I woke up in the morning and went to Fajr prayers, went to the market after prayers to have tea, came home after tea and saw how everyone was whispering, I went to the room without caring, after a while Grandma came, she started looking for the date, telling me

Let's see how my grandson put it in my granddaughter.

Your granddaughter is as she was before,

Where is my granddaughter's wife?

Who is your granddaughter-in-law?

What can I say, he didn't come out, we thought you were in the room, so he didn't come here,

Tell me, I left him at home and went to pray,

(Then the whole house went after him in search of him, shouted and no one cared, he was nowhere to be found,)

I suddenly had doubts, okay then?

I ran to the mango orchard at Pukur Ghat and did what I thought, so the monkey was sitting on the tree eating the mango.

What are you doing there?

Brother, do you eat mango?

I'm going to eat mangoes, I'll break your legs today, haven't you heard that so many people are calling you? (I started looking for a stick)

I'm listening,

Why aren't you listening?

You are not the one to say less tomorrow ..

Didn't you hear so many people calling you? (I started looking for the stick)

I'm listening,

Why don't you listen?

You are not the one to say less tomorrow.

I'm talking less about donkeys, but I'm not talking about forbidding to talk, I'm talking about reducing the amount of time I spend all day like a goat,


Come down now,

Won't you kill? (Helplessly)

(Smiles) Don't kill me, come down now,

Then throw the stick in the pond and then I will go down.

Well, I dropped the income this time, carefully name

Wait a minute,


I will jump. But you really hit me today.


Gechere pata has broken.

The table became hot.

What else to do

I brought him home on my lap,

When he came to the house, he was in great danger.

But no one knows that he can't walk properly because he fell from the tree and got pain in his leg. Everyone thinks that the other one is going to cut off my head in shame.

Seeing that the situation was strange, I explained it to my grandmother. Later, the grandmother saved herself from this shame. Going to the middle of the house, he called out loudly to his mother. As soon as his mother came in front of him, he said to her, "Look at your son's wife's trunk.

Hearing this, my mother came running. Dara, I'm calling Tar's mother now, I'll tell her you're climbing a tree and breaking her leg. (Mother)

Hihihi (date)

Who are you laughing so brazenly? (Mother)

From today, you are my mother, who will you tell again? (Date)

(A smirk appeared on the mother's face)

Tell me who. (Mother)

Niloy Bhaiya said, more said a ....

(Immediately Grandma pressed her face and I ran inside the room)

Mao smiled and left,

Why do you call Nilay a brother?> (Grandma)

What should I call then? Brother is not called brother? (Date)

Does anyone call a crazy husband a brother?

What do you call it?

You don't have to call anything, you can say it and if you need more, call it at the size hint, (Grandma)

How? (Date)

Hey listen, Ogo listen, this way,

Oooo okay,

Then he is bathing us and putting us in a chair. The monkey understands the civilization and the date is the same. Once he is running there again and again, once he takes off his sari and starts dancing.

Tithi won't stay here, I went to see the food because I want to see that side, Tithi is screaming after going some distance

Ogo listening ..

Tithi will not stay here, I went to see the food side to see that side a little bit, after going some distance, Tithi is shouting and calling.

Ogo listening ......

He warmed his head, turned around and said again Ogo don't come this way,

(Everyone in the house is looking at me and laughing at him, I am just standing like a victim and biting my teeth, there is nothing to do but this because my father is leaving after hearing his screams. Now my danger is when I say something, my father is also smiling,

Can't you hear Kiri Nilay calling Tithi? Yes, why are you standing like a donkey? Come this way (Dad)

Yes, why are you calling the ball? What happened?

Why do you call it Tithi now? (Dad)

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either

Forget the previous thing, and once you do, there's news, Tithi's mother will tell you if you do, (Dad)

Ok dad (date)

So what do I call Dad? (I)

If someone calls you wife, you will say, (Father)

All right, Dad, if you need me, I'll tell you.

Now why are you calling?

Hihihihihi (date)

Why are you laughing like a donkey? (I)

Dad or you tell me to do? Why are you doing what you do? (Date)

My book is wrong, why are you calling the ball?

I was calling, thinking I was told what happened to us at night? Shall I say that? You're not going to talk much again, so I asked you.

(Run like a father, I think run with a cloth on my face, I have already been sent to sacrifice and one day I became like a rhinoceros so I didn't like what he said,)

I wonder where he is going to stand, he will tell me to say, I will not say? I think it's going away. (Date)

I'll bring a mic for a while, then I'll say with the mic, everyone in the area will listen,


Why are you calling Kiri's father?

Dad did not say you tell me what you do?

I made a mistake,

Well, don't say that anymore.

Ok now you sit i go

Well, they'll come, or I'll tell you again. I'm so arrogant.

(Was Allah committing such a sin that this trouble befell me?)

Saying something?

No, no, I'll tell you, I'll go and come,


Where does Kiri Nilay go? (Mother said this while leaving)

Mom is going to fetch Mike, (Date)

Mike! What to do with Mike?

Everyone in the area needs to hear what he's telling me last night.

I didn't say anything again, I just looked at my mother like an innocent creature, Mao understood my helplessness and tried to explain with his eyes, be patient, father,

Mother took Tithi to her grandmother's house,

I stood like a stone, I couldn't cry, I couldn't tell him anything, what should I say? Did he understand that, I went to the pond with sadness in my mind, then after spending the whole day, the night came, the people are getting less and less, Tithi will take me to my uncle but Tithi will not go, I couldn't take many pairs, saying that tomorrow morning Yes, I also left a little half left, Ijjat did not go to another house in his own house, after dinner I went to sleep, after a while Grandma and Tithi came to my house,

Grandpa and the little man, he doesn't understand anything, just be patient for a few days, everything will be fine, you don't have to worry, I will teach him everything (Grandma)

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....



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Written by   126
2 years ago
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Amazing article about ignorant wife.. Thanks for sharing

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2 years ago

If the words were in Bengali, I would enjoy reading them.Not bad yet. Keep going.

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2 years ago