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Forbidden Love

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3 weeks ago

# Forbidden_love

Episode- (1)

After 9 years of relationship, my boyfriend Adib told me today:

"Supti, you can't go right with my family and you can't fit in."

I was sitting in the chair of the cafe with my mouth closed. It was as if I didn't want to get out of my mouth, where Adib's ears would be pricked with the pain of my words! What can I say! - Quiet surroundings.

I was overwhelmed by Adib's call again:

"Aren't you saying that?"

"What shall I say?"

"Can you actually cook? And cut fish?"


"Tidy the house?"


~ "In our family, it is forbidden for wives to go out."

"You've known for 9 years that I love to ride"

~ "It is forbidden to employ wives in our family"

"I've wanted to stand on my own two feet since I was little. You know that?"

"Hmm that's why it won't happen"

The relationship between me and Adib since I was little. Adib offers me first love ... and I don't do it, I did it to everyone, even at Adib's house. Parents, Mama disobeyed everyone's words, fell in love with me in one look. The result of the incident was so terrible that Adib also went to commit suicide. Of course, I melted after hearing all this.

Then, words, words on the surface of words. Seeing after many days, seeing again and love.

Now Adib's mother has also accepted our matter. Adib has also grown up a lot. He has become more free with his mother .. He also told me about his mother. First Aunty then I started calling mother.

A few more years have passed since the small issues - quarrels and apologies from Adib and my all-time flimsy dialogues.

And now, some of the years of the present time have been such that Sarita, I say, she may say Hmm. She keeps it by blocking it in anger.

It's okay for a while but again .......

In fact, Adib is a very charismatic and intelligent boy. There are many realities. But I fell in love with that emotion, so when I came to the age of marriage and accepted Adib's very real words as a premise, when I imagine myself as Adib's wife, I feel bad.

Nah !! How unbearable it is to not be able to sit in the cafe anymore.

I went home crying. As soon as I entered the house, my mother asked:

"Did you meet Kiri Adib? When are they coming to see you then?"

None of the parents accepted Adib at the beginning. I persuaded my parents to stop eating and drinking with great difficulty, to keep the door closed by showing anger. Adib's salary is 10 thousand, the condition of the family is not so good. I have never had any headache about this, but my parents had strong objections. Nearly this objection seemed submissive.

I went to my room without saying anything to my mother. I closed the door and went to the basement.

"How stupid you are, Supti! When the boy came to make love, why didn't you take his written document on the stamp? Why didn't you sign the document with him and write that you are worthy of him and his family! Why don't you understand, no human When he loses sight of the man he likes very much, his interest in him diminishes. The man is only changeable and changes color like a chameleon. . "

At the call of my mother, I was shocked again and in the crowd of thousands of her questions, I could not hide that Adib did not want to marry me.

My father also stopped talking to me. On the other hand, I thought I would tell Adib's mother everything or I would persuade Adib to marry her by holding her hands and feet. But even though my mind wanted to do it, I was repeatedly tied to my conscience.

In fact, many years of relationship, so I went after the relationship tied to time. Talking seemed to have become a habit. As a result of the habit, Adib and I would look for each other ... How am I, but Adib is still reluctant to get married. I didn't even call her a cheater or a cheater. Because, I knew Adib did whatever he wanted, and Adib could never do anything wrong. In fact, I didn't understand when believing was mixed in blood with time. Became addicted to him.

In this way, the marriage really got better with the son of the father's friend. And this time do not take the face! He even dared to commit suicide. When he came to see me, he put on the ring and left. I decided to give the wedding card to Adib first ...

Today I hardened my heart and asked Adib to come to the cafe again ......

In the novelty of the relationship, Adib used to come and wait for me before himself, it would have been better for him or me to wait for hours. And it also makes me feel more and more love grows. For the last 1 year, of course, I have been waiting for him for hours and he Busy delays.

However, I was his world. I did not know in the blink of an eye when the days of stealing my mother's phone and talking all night were lost. What a hobby she had, I will have my own phone ... No, it's an expensive phone today, but where is the person to talk to ...

After thinking about all this, Adib came and sat down in the chair in front of me ......

Let's go ...

# Forbidden_love

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Avatar for Arnob
Written by   73
3 weeks ago
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I think your article about for love. Everybody need love. Love sara kew baste panena. So sobai life a love er dorkar ache

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3 weeks ago

Very nice article...plz back

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3 weeks ago

That ability to solve a problem Compared to what you have been given The problems are nothing. But we I think these problems are too big And shortens our power Let's see.

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3 weeks ago

The story of your forbidden love has been very good. Hope to upload better posts.

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3 weeks ago