How to be Optimistic even in Pandemic Times

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Thinking of so much stuff in our daily life is not as simple as before. Moreover in our current situation of today. We are always flooded with so many kinds of news all over the world, on the internet, and even in the mainstream media. Here's this humor of war, natural calamity, and the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this, there are lots of people who are caught up in different situations which becoming hopeless. Some are discouraged, confused, and worst causing depression. It is so disappointing to know how this all is happening, and how this was taking too much longer. There are opportunities lost, family bonds broken, business profit failed, and lives lost, because of the huge impact of this crisis. Unfortunately, there have been isolated reports of suicide cases that are not been heard or featured in media reports. As if it does not matter to of the trend. All we keep on hearing is the counting of coronavirus cases and fatalities on media. Which sometimes turns our minds sickening.

How to Start with Something Different.

Starting with enriching ourselves with useful thoughts and positive insights by reading and listening to the word of God. There are hundreds and thousands of truthful words we can find in the word of God just as if only we find it on ourselves, there is no replacement for that. Starting our day with it and ending the evening through it. Here are some lists of praise songs I usually listen to.

  • God will make a way by Don Moen

  • Our father by Don Moen

  • 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman

Become One with the Nature.

There are humor and threat of food supply shortage that has been circulating ever since the pandemic started, and a strong indication that it would happen anytime. Including medicine and other primary commodities in the market, scarcity is lurking. This scenario could not be in everyone's sanity but some are subjecting to preparing their selves. Raising your backyard livestock and vegetable farm could be a good option for you. Aside from the ability to making your food, it could also help you avoid the risk of acquiring the virus getting out into the crowd. The light of the sun is the best source of vitamin D and minerals essential in our well-being. It is also the best physical fitness and self-personality boosting. Nature is our most essential environment where we can absorb positive energy. We bond together with our family and friends, and do such recreations.

Going back to Family and Neighborhood.

This pandemic crisis has caused us so many burdens and emotional stress. Going back to the traditional times where advanced technology was not yet extensive, we live a very simple life. That was the time where most people whereinto active lifestyles like crops farming, livestock, wooden crops, fruits raising and so many more. Our families and neighbors are simply sharing smiles and presents in simple ways. This is the idea of getting back to family and neighbors. We should inform people to take a break from the toxic environment and find another way to be productive and positive in these troubling times. It is also a good time to bond with our family, regain the lost time from our priorities. Backyard camping is one good idea, where we could celebrate the day and night, the singing and laughing, funny conversation, and food shared throughout the family. There are various recreational activities we can do together with our family, let us not lose hope. Even with our closest friends and loved ones, we can still make a good time.

Minimize Mainstream Media and the Internet Viewing.

It is irritating and sickening to be hearing such repeated news about the coronavirus. Almost every day from dusk to dawn. Coronavirus is hitting the top stage and it becomes like our daily dose of toxic medicine. Let us take revenge and shift our minds to peace. Shut off bad and lame news, social media and mainstream is stressing people instead of anything. It's been two year's and it seems more and more people are getting sick with the news and quarantine guidelines. People are stocked in their homes, getting obese, discouraged, depressed, frustrated, and tied in internet entertainment which is not a good indication. Internet addiction is the most time-wasting activity of people and can cause laziness and tiredness. If not managed properly it will cause a terrible impact to the body.

We will never know what may come ahead. If it is the will of the Almighty it will come. What can we do is to do our best to live a good life. Helping people in need is one best thing we can do these days. Spreading awareness to people in these troubling times, and strengthen family ties. There are lots of useful stuffs we can do to these times, it is up to us on how willingly are we to utilize it. Take advantage of the time and get use our own resources.

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