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Marital rape

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1 week ago

The term 'marital rape' or 'marital rape' is being reintroduced, and on this occasion all the anti-Islamic circles want to unite and say that Islam has given Oscars to this thing, and this practice is widespread among Muslims.

What is marital rape? If the husband is tempted to have sexual intercourse but the wife does not agree to it, the husband still has sexual intercourse with her by force — this is called marital rape. This means that both parties must agree to perform the physical relationship. One has consent, the other does not — it will not happen.

What is the role of Islam here? Why did the anti-Islamic community come to overthrow Islam on this issue?

The reason is that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said in a hadeeth that when a husband calls his wife to bed, but she does not respond to him, then if the husband spends the night in pain, the angels curse her until dawn.

From here, opponents find a source of marital rape and say that despite the wife's reluctance, Islam is forcing her to go to her husband's bed. This is marital rape which is a heinous crime according to them.

Here, first of all, it is clearly stated in the rules of Islam that no believing man can do injustice to his wife in any way. He cannot deprive his wife of even a hair's breadth. If he does, he will be considered a criminal under Islamic law.

Normal ailments that girls have, such as a woman not having sexual intercourse at one stage of pregnancy, in which case a man cannot want to have intercourse with his wife in any way. Islam does not support it in any way.

During the menstrual period of a wife, a husband cannot think of any physical relationship. In the eyes of Islam, it is an abomination and a sin.

If the wife is also naturally ill, if she is shivering in any physical illness, can a conscientious husband want to have sexual intercourse with her? Islam does not support it, and if anyone wants to: the wife has the right to avoid it.

Beyond that, if the wife is not at a stage where she cannot engage in physical contact, what to do if the husband is capricious, but the wife is not in the 'mood'?

Here are two solutions of Islam

1. The wife will protect the husband's whims, and will go about the physical.

2. The husband will give importance to the off mood of the wife and both of them will come to an understanding between themselves. Knowing the reasons for his wife's upset, the husband will try to make her as happy as possible.

But, in which case it is said in the hadith: If a woman does not go to bed at the call of her husband, the angels curse her?

It is only when the wife has no proper reason not to get involved in a physical relationship. She has no physical problems, no mental problems, even if everything is fine, if she does not respond to her husband's call - it has been said for that condition.

But, what is the reason behind this?

The reason is: Suppose a husband wants a physical relationship with his wife, but the wife does not respond to the husband's call even after everything is fine.

This condition can push the husband in two directions

1. Either he will become addicted to foreigners, since he is not getting the value of his needs from his wife

2. Or, he will be inclined to satisfy his own ripu by watching pornographic videos.

These two conditions will cause the deterioration of the husband's character and if this trend continues, their relationship will gradually start to lighten. At some point, it may or may not last.

It all started with the wife saying a 'no'.

So, why would the wife be guilty here? Why would the angels curse him?

In the Qur'an, Allah (swt) has defined the relationship between husband and wife with a wonderful metaphor. He calls the husband 'clothes' for the wife and the wife 'clothes' for the husband.

When we have clothes on, we can't get dust on us. Our body stays clean.

So, when a wife is considered as a 'cloth' for her husband, so that the character of the husband is right, so that the character of the husband does not get any dirt, rubbish and dust, the wife has to solve the role of the cloth. If the wife fails to do so, she must take responsibility for it. It is the same here. If any work of the wife drives the husband towards obscenity, then the responsibility will also fall on the shoulders of the wife!

You can say, if someone doesn't want to, he won't get involved physically. Why would he be to blame?

It will not be possible to understand it if we look at it with desire or reluctance. It must be seen through the eyes of responsibility.

Can he earn office if no one wants? Can he neglect his responsibilities? If he does not have to count the fines?

The realization of the rights of the wife, keeping the wife well is also the responsibility and duty of the husband in Islam. If the husband neglects it, he must be guilty.

Again, it is the wife's responsibility and duty to help her husband in maintaining his character. If that responsibility is neglected, if that neglect drives the husband to any wrongdoing, then the wife must also be guilty of that crime.

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Written by   237
1 week ago
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