96 The movie of basic love.

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2 years of 96 movie..????


Movie: 96

Genre: Drama, Romance

Imdb: 8.6 / 10


Ram and Janu study together in the same school. Ram loves Janu very much. But never dare to say. But even if Ram doesn't say it, Janu understands that Ram loves him. One day suddenly Ram doesn't come to school anymore. Then everyone can find out that they have sold their house and moved to another place.

Then many days passed. Those little kids at school are now adults. Travel photographer Ram suddenly comes to her school one day and wants to organize a small reunion with school friends. Although his real purpose is to take a closer look at Janu, who has been out of the country for so long. Then Janu comes to reunite with everyone. A few years later, Ram and Janu came face to face. Even though the love is the same as before, the reality slowly comes to the fore. If you want to know why they could not be one despite the chance to be one, you have to watch this wonderful movie.

A night's story and reminiscences of the past - all in all, without showing any kind of 18+ scenes, you will not understand how a romantic movie can shake your feelings without watching this movie.

It's a must watch movie for me ....

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