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Are you in the second stage of depression?

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3 months ago

Feeling helpless to cheat on that man? Are you in the second stage of depression?

Then I will say you are wrong, wrong and wrong. Give yourself a thank you for thinking this because that man with a deformed brain didn't cheat on you. He has cheated on himself.

Can you tell me how much smaller he would have been? Probably did everything he had to do or is still doing. What is the result? Zero. Don't start again from scratch. Now maybe you will learn to live for yourself. Do not keep up with the times.

You can. Must be able to. Once outside, you can give a little uki to the orphanage. See how helpless they are, they are getting ready to fight the world ahead.

Go to the dustbin on the side of the alley in the middle of a busy street and see at noon, maybe someone is looking for food to quench their hunger.

Or give a little peek at the hospital's ICU window. You will see his intense desire to survive. When you don't see a rickshaw ride, sometimes a seventy year old man takes you on a rickshaw!

If they can. Why don't you You are not too helpless from them. Maybe it's the people for whom you are expressing such helplessness, they still deal with it thirty years ago and still survive.

Start your new life, new chapter from today...

Thanks for reading my blog...


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Written by   1
3 months ago
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