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Modern Information Technology and Bangladesh

Introduction: The method by which the knowledge of science is transformed into various discoveries and productions is called technology. Technology is born when science is limited to human needs. Speech technology is the technology used for the work of storing, receiving, transmitting information, processing data, etc. with the help of computer or telecommunication media. The purpose of this technology is to make life easier by ensuring the supply of information and the development of communication systems. Modern civilization cannot be imagined without information technology.

Information technology in the development of civilization: Modern civilization has developed through the advancement of human life using information technology. Behind the advancement of civilization are the various inventions of modern science and the various efforts to use them for human welfare. Information technology is playing an important role in this. The use of information technology has brought happiness and comfort to the people. As a result, people are playing an important role in re-arranging the world in new discoveries by reflecting advanced thinking and consciousness. And all the efforts, thoughts, discoveries of science are reaching people from one end of the world to the other very fast with the help of information technology. In the modern age, science and technology are rotating in the same current. Technical knowledge of technology helps people in many ways. Technology has modernized civilization. When the mechanical power of man was unknown, man resorted to labor in the struggle for life. In the production of grain, in the manufacture of tools, people used various items used in daily life such as clothes, houses, utensils. Later it changed and came under technology. Then it is possible to produce more products in less time with less labor. Gradually this level of production continues to increase, the wheel of change of civilization begins to turn more rapidly. In the modern era, the wonderful development of technology and information technology has given a new impetus to the world and it is leading the world towards rapid development. Information technology is making that advancement more dynamic. The use of technology and information technology in science has led to the development of modern civilization.

Use of modern information technology: Technology is like a useful friend to people. And information technology is a part of human life. People who are not enjoying the benefits of information technology cannot be found. Because where there are people, the light of the welfare of science has reached. Information technology is helping in many ways to provide the necessary elements to meet the basic human needs. Below are some aspects of the use of information technology in the context of Bangladesh.

1. Collection of information required for agricultural production.

2. Highlighting the obstacles to economic development and growth at home and abroad.

3. To provide information on taking necessary steps to prevent infant and maternal mortality.

4. To inform everyone about the opinions and suggestions of different countries of the world for the mental and physical well-being of the people.

5. In various industrial organizations, to provide necessary information in the field of economic transaction index control.

. To help to improve and enrich one's own culture by getting acquainted with the knowledge and sciences of the world.

. To provide and provide advance information in response to various natural calamities.

. To make the development workers of developing countries aware and support the key issues of progress of different countries of the world.

9. Inspiring people to work.

10. Provide motivation to become self-reliant.

11. Creating a sense of self-awareness among people about spreading education, creating human values ​​and tolerance.

12. Taking a special role in archeological research by providing various information related to past traditions etc.

Information technology in the field of communication: From time immemorial, people have wanted to communicate with each other, one country with another country. At different times they have used different methods. The poet Kalidasa speaks of sending a love message to his beloved through Meghdoot. Gradually letters were circulated. Trained pigeons probably carried news from the reign of the Mauryas in 322 BC. Later horses, ambassadors, runners used to work at it. The letter still survives as an authentic document to the people. The telegraph was once a modern technology. In the whirl of time it no longer survives. At present, with the touch of modern information technology, telephone, mobile phone, internet, e-mail have come for communication. As soon as the button is pressed, the news from remote areas to foreign countries reaches us effortlessly. In an instant, you can send your greetings to your loved ones through SMS on your mobile phone.

You can communicate instantly by sending text through Facebook. Using special methods to keep in touch with people from one end of the world to the other, people can use special methods to view the speaker and listener's pictures and their position, movement, etc.

Another important means of communication in modern information technology is the Internet. Through this, all the information can be collected and sent from one computer of the world to another computer of the other end. The Internet is associated with millions of educational and business organizations around the world. Opportunities to use the internet are being opened up in all fields of politics and economy. Through this, the world is getting to know any incident that happened at the moment. Through the use of the Internet, people read books online, maintaining the connection of knowledge with the literary culture of the country and abroad. Correspondence and necessary files can be sent through e-mail. Thus, modern information technology is providing huge facilities to the people in the field of communication. Through this Bangladesh has entered a huge world of information technology.

Information Technology in Education and Medicine: Modern information technology is spreading the benefits of the revolutionary changes that have taken place in the field of education and medicine for the benefit of science and technology. On the other hand, technology is working to liberate the world from hunger and poverty by providing all the elements of enjoyment and enjoyment in human life and awakening discipline, perseverance, work ethic, human feeling etc. in human life. Developing the habit of using time wisely. At present, economic transactions, trade and commerce are being conducted using information technology. Information technology has been having a huge impact in the medical field. Through this technology, the general public is getting to know about advanced medical methods, diagnostic techniques and new diseases and their cures.

Information technology provides information and guidance on various instruments in modern medicine. Providing information about various components of education helps the organization concerned. Regular educational activities are being conducted through radio and television with the help of information technology. People are doing more in less time using information technology. Information technology keeps people mentally healthy and cheerful by providing entertainment. People then concentrate on their work with full vigor.

Information Technology in Entertainment: Information technology continues to play an important role in entertainment. Various programs, songs and news can be heard on the radio. On television, dramas, movies, songs, dances, religions, business discussions, debates, documentaries, etc. can be heard and seen. At present, almost all mobile sets broadcast programs from BBC and many local and foreign radio stations. Pictures can be taken. Songs, videos, etc. can be viewed using memory cards. Documentaries and entertainment from home and abroad can be enjoyed with internet connection. Knowledge can be gained about the diversity of art-literature-culture of different countries of the world. In a word, modern information technology provides all the necessary entertainment at home.

Information Technology in the field of research: Research is a prerequisite for improvement in various fields like science, economy, politics, agriculture, medicine etc. Therefore, different research institutes have been established in each country. The inter-flow of information is going on between different research institutes at home and abroad through internet or computer networking. As a result, the importance of modern information technology is increasing day by day. Thanks to modern information technology such as various publications, journals, information, features, etc. related to higher education and research, we can easily get at home. And by using it, we complete our research work. As a developing country in the third world, Bangladesh is also working with various government and private research institutes with the help of this technology. Among such organizations are Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Bangladesh Meteorological Department, Bangladesh Geological Survey Department and various universities of Bangladesh, various electronics and print media of Bangladesh, various archives, various NGOs, business organizations etc. The country's human rights commissions, anti-corruption commissions, libraries, museums, sports organizations, various literary and cultural organizations are using information technology as a means of gathering information in their respective research work.

Negative effects of information technology: There are also some negative effects of using information technology. People can use information technology in various criminal activities. Through information technology, the powerful countries of the world are now showing a low mentality of showing mutual strength with each other. As a result, human civilization is under threat. People are using harmful weapons; Violence is on the rise in different countries. One of the main means of information technology is cyber crime through the internet. Users are often deceiving Internet users with false information by hiding their real identities. Moral depravity is also caused by pornography. Some people use modern information technology to indulge in various subculture practices, which is harmful in the context of our Bangladesh. Therefore, other information technology including internet should be used in a positive sense and self-employment should be done through the use of technology.

Practical application of modern information technology in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is far ahead in the application and practice of information technology in line with the world. The government is giving priority to technology to build a modern Bangladesh based on technology. In the field of education, the work of publishing the results of various examinations, textbook soft copy, online application for various government jobs, submission of fees, submission of application forms for admission to the university, etc. are being done through technology. The government has launched a website called District Information Window to know all the information of the districts across the country and the information that happens every day. Digital agriculture has started. The work of digital land survey has already started in the country. E-commerce, e-learning, e-booking as well as e-voting activities are going on.

The first ICT incubator has been established in the country. It employs more than a thousand skilled workers from about 70 service providers and software developers. BCS Computer City was established at IDB Bhaban in Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The government has started work on an IT project at Kaliakair in Gazipur, near Dhaka.

Conclusion: The world has made tremendous progress in the development of information technology. With cyber multimedia content and new mobile applications, online is one of the most powerful media in the world today. This will be essential in 2020. The benefits of the internet will be as easy to reach as most of the world's work. The three paths of business, marketing, virtual communication are now dominated by the Internet, the main technology of information technology. In the future, this information technology will control the entire activities of the world. According to the researchers, the people of the underdeveloped ethnic groups of the world will become self-reliant through the revolutionary advancement of information technology

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