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Exotic Bimini Island - Bahamas Paradise

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8 months ago

When we hear about the Bahamas, surely the first thing that comes to our mind is the beauty of each beach, and it will make a paradise on earth for tourists. Where we want to spend time and money, of course, to enjoy every beauty of the scenery. Especially on the very exotic beaches, the color of the seawater is so beautiful turquoise and that is the main reason the Bahamas is one of the mandatory tourist destinations for tourists.

The capital city of this country is Nassau, which is famous for its huge resort, water park, and casino called Atlantis Paradise. Atlantis Paradise is also one of the icons of the city of Nassau and is the main attraction for tourists.

From several cities that I have visited in the Bahamas this time I want to share a little bit of a story of my journey in Bimini.

While on the way, close to our destination, I saw a very small island that caught my attention. But I don't know the name of the tiny island. What is certain is that I imagined wanting to visit it at that time, wanting to see what was there :D

There are several beautiful islands, one of which is Bimini Island. The beauty of the natural scenery amazed me. The color of the seawater is very blue, the people are friendly and cool, they are full of music and dance. I'm very happy with their culture starting from the dance, the notes of each music, and also the food, especially the conch salad, Oh my.. I don't know where to find it if I want to eat again here in my country Indonesia.

To visit this small and beautiful island, you can use a small plane or ferry. At that time I used the ferry, although I really wanted to try a small plane like the one in the photos. But because the cost is quite expensive, so I can only imagine it :D

That is our destination. The resort has a very beautiful beach, the quiet perfect place to relax and relieve stress due to the environment, and the beach is very calm.

Unforgettable stories and experiences.

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8 months ago
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