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With a special mission that was born to connect, VS TOKEN does not sell ICO, but only as gifts, gifts to customers, (VS members)

We will use 80% of VS Tokens to donate and value the community when becoming a Valuesshare Affiliate

10% VS for development teams, advertising and gifts to stimulate business.

The remaining 10% is the company's authorized capital.

VS Tokens work in the ecosystem

- After the GAME entertainment system is finished, a number of tokens is given more than 1 million, the community is allowed to use the token to play the game, after the winnings will be drawn to a personal wallet or placed on the free trade floor to buy freely.

- Companies that have been connected by VS into the ecosystem will receive tokens as gifts, additional gifts for their employees, the aim of creating more Big Data for VS, and sharing a small amount of Tokens. everywhere, and we get a percentage of commission when we bring income to business.

High security technology

To ensure service quality, we will launch VSPAY Wallet SP to store BTC, ETH VS, and other Erc20 tokens. In addition, we also associate with leading companies, create tangible benefits for the community to start cooperation, and then share with the best technology members.

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