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"Some benefits of consuming guava water"

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2 years ago

Like to eat guava? Besides guava, guava water also has many health benefits. Guava water is a source of vitamins C and A, fiber, calcium, thiamine, niacin and iron. Well, here are six benefits of guava for your health. Let's look together!

1. Control diabetes

One of the best benefits of guava is that it is very good for diabetic patients, because this fruit can keep blood sugar levels under control.

2. Overcoming diarrhea and flatulence

Water content in guava reaches 93 percent and contains a lot of fiber. This fruit can help deal with digestive problems and also treat diarrhea. Guava water can also help overcome flatulence.

3. Helps to cool the body during hot weather

The high water content found in guava is very helpful in cooling your body during hot weather or when someone has a fever. This fruit can also help prevent strokes and dehydration caused due to high body temperature.

4. Fight fungal infections

Organic compounds found in water guava are known to fight fungal and other microbial infections. It also helps kill harmful microbes and worms that might enter your digestive tract.

5. Reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer

This fruit can also help prevent cancer by fighting free radicals. Prostate cancer, a type of cancer that is common in men, can be prevented by diligently eating this fruit. Water Guava is also known to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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