"Introducing Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH)"

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Hello, I am Ardian from the smallest village in the archipelago precisely at the middle end of the island of Sumatra, I will tell you about the beginning until I was able to introduce crypto to some of my friends.

The beginning of this happened when one of my cousins introduced digital currency to me precisely at the end of 2019 he introduced me to a neatly arranged method from the history of Bitcoin to Ethereum as well as 10 other top cryptos.

Initially I was confused with numbers like 0.001, this is very strange to me, but gradually I understand that conversion can be done on one site such as Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. Then I understood slowly.

In the days I studied again when I was immediately introduced to one of the Russian forums that discussed about the world of cryptocurrency there I learned slowly and have begun to understand how to trade, deposit and withdrawal.

After that I was able to say that I immediately understood to introduce my friend to some people he initially did not believe after I proved with a few withdrawals after trading in a crypto market I immediately made withdrawals in their banks began to believe and gradually I taught slowly and slowly he my friends began to pursue getting to know cryptocurrency for more.

I will try to introduce communities such as read.cash so that insights and news about crypto are widespread and BCH is getting bigger so that many people know.

That is the story of crypto recognition from all over our country, please appreciate this as an example wherever you are you must expand your horizons of knowledge in the digital world.

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