"Generous Cryptocurrency"

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Covid-19 impacted the crisis on various sectors, from health to the economy. all parties work together to contribute.

"The pandemic not only presents anxious about the health threat, but also the threat of well-being. Our helping hand is greatly awaited by our brothers and sisters affected by the Covid-19 pandemic economy.

I think this is a good opportunity for the world of Cryptocurrency to work hand in hand for those affected in various countries. This is as a charity or social service as well as promoting the world of crypto to people who are unfamiliar with the world of crypto so that more is in the lyrics and is known in various corners of any country.

If you agree with my opinion, spread this broadly so that we can help each other to help those affected, not even with money, but by spreading this news to be heard by the benefactors of the crypto world.

So thank you, if there is a wrong word apologize.

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