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"Folklore of my country - The origin of the mosquito"

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2 years ago

Once upon a time, in a village there was a simple farmer with his very beautiful wife. The two of them live in a simple house and their lives depend on agricultural produce. Sipetani always works hard every day in the fields, but the wife works only with the grooming, even the wife doesn't care about her household.

In life that is completely simple, it seems that the wife is not satisfied with the circumstances of their life. She felt that her husband had a big income so that he could take care of her beauty. Because the farmer loved his wife so much he worked harder to fulfill her demands. However, no matter how hard he works, the farmer still cannot fulfill his wife's needs, because besides his wife likes to ask for expensive beauty medicines, the wife also likes to ask for good clothes that are expensive too.

The farmer's wife finally fell ill because she was only busy taking care of her appearance and beauty, and did not pay attention to her health. day by day the wife's sickness got worse and in the end the farmer's wife died in the world. It seems that the husband is very sad, all day long he keeps crying over his wife who is now lying helplessly stiff. Because he loved him so much, the farmer did not want to bury the body of his beloved wife. And he thought and intended to revive it.

The next day the poor farmer sold all he had to buy a boat. To be used along the river to a place that is believed to be the dwelling place of the gods. "Surely the gods want to bring my wife back to life," he thought. Even though he didn't really know exactly where the gods resided, the farmer kept on pedaling his boat until the boat got stuck because of the thick fog blocking his view.

When the fog evaporated, it was faintly visible before him that stood a very high mountain, the top of which reached through the clouds. He thought this was where the gods lived. And he then climbed the very high mountain with his wife's body.

On his way the farmer met an old man.

"You must be the god of the inhabitants of heaven," cried the farmer to the old man. And He also explained at length about the purpose of his coming to that place. The old man answered with a smile "really, you are a very good husband. However, what good would it be in bringing your wife back to life? "Asked the old man.

“He means a lot to me, and he's what makes me excited. So please turn my wife back on, ”replied the farmer hopefully.

Then the old man nodded his head and said, "Well if that's your wish, I will obey your request. As in return for your hard work, I will give you the secret of how to bring your wife back to life. Now you prick your fingertips, then you drop 3 drops of your blood into his mouth. And surely your wife will come back to life, and if your wife gets anything, you remind her that she lives from three drops of your blood. "

And the farmer immediately carried out the message from the old man. And miraculously, his wife really came to life. And without thinking, the farmer took his wife home. But the wife knows that apart from the canoe they both rode on, now the husband doesn't have anything else because he has already sold everything. Then how and with what her husband can fulfill to care for her beauty.

After a long journey down the river, the farmer and his wife arrived at a very busy harbor. Sipetani got out of his boat and went to the market to buy supplies for their trip. It so happened that next to their sampan leaned on a very beautiful boat owned by a rich merchant who was also stopped there. The merchant saw the beauty of the farmer's wife, the merchant fell in love and persuaded the beautiful woman to come with him.

"If you want to come with me, I promise you whatever you ask I will give," said the merchant.

And the farmer's wife was tempted, finally He went with the rich merchant. After returning from the market, the farmer was shocked because his wife was not there. He also looked for his wife here and there, but in vain.

Long story short, a year has passed. Sipetani finally met his wife. However, his wife refused to return to him. Sipetani then remembered the god on the mountain of heaven. Sipetani also said to his wife, "Really, really you are ungrateful. Just so you know, that you can live again because you drank three drops of my blood. "

His wife laughed mockingly, "So, I have to return three drops of your blood? OK…." The wife stabbed one of her fingertips with the intention of giving her husband three drops of blood. However, as soon as the third drop of blood dripped from his finger, his face suddenly turned pale, and his body became limp, and finally fell helplessly.

After the wife died, he also turned into a mosquito. Since then, every night the beautiful woman's incarnation mosquito tries to suck human blood, in the hope that she can return to her original form.

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Written by   13
2 years ago
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