Something Critical Bitcoin Cash is still missing

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2 years ago

Bitcoin cash has been one if not the one of the leading examples of what a real peer to peer cash system should be, however.

Despite being a constantly improving cryptocurrency who is gradually proving utter dominance both in transaction, fees, but also adoption from merchants and websites, it has a lot of work to do.

Think about it as a meme for example, a meme that's utterly stupid, has no initial meaning, yet everyone can understand it even if he doesn't have technical knowledge, superior intelligence, or is educated about memes.

That's how Bitcoin Cash must become, is what bitcoin failed to do so it became a government toy and a staking business, but it is what Bitcoin Cash must succeed on.

Now, you could say that "it's extremely simple it's faster, better, cheaper, more free, more private, more decentralized".

But mainstream trends have different ways of becoming famous to people, for that reason I believe it would be wiser to start extracting different types of value from the currency despise the financial one, and that's it, the value of joy.

Bitcoin Cash has managed to change the lives of many people, connect them to each other, and also make many displeased with bitcoin individuals chose it as the solution of the problems it had but.

That's not enough. We need something that can be a trend, something all the types of people can use "just for fun" we need a passive way to distribute Bitcoin Cash as a tool, a "meme" you may say. Something that people do passively, automatically, not something that people require knowledge and focus to do.

For example this site it's an extremely good example of how it should be done, however it also has its issues, especially in terms of investment, context, and motives. What do I mean by that?

People come here consciously to do something, to achieve something, to post something, we need something that they do unconsciously.

Think about all the huge huge companies, all the companies that rule the internet, facebook for example, or twitter, or youtube.

The ones who careful construct a video, a twitter, a facebook profile, or fame, get the people who consciously- follow them but, do they have to do the following consciously? No. It's just a few clicks, then their intuition does the rest for them.

That's what we should also work on, something passive, robotic, automatic, instant, something everyone can do just "for fun" but also something that's so stupid, it gains popularity without even showing how it gets it.

We managed to dominate the programming/ developer world with the few rivals being monero which yes it's an advantaged but highly erratic cryptocurrency however.

What about dominating the normal people, the youth, the tired people, the sad people, the angry people?

And I don't refer to the concept of "all these people can still use bitcoin cash and many of them do". I refer to how people who come with an initial mood, can use something passively "just because".

That just because is what we should target, we need to make bitcoin cash a mainstream trend, a fashion, not only dominate the technological world, not only dominate as a node, a fork, a blockchain, whatever it may be.

But something that dominates the very sense of internet usage.

Look at this picture, the majority of internet users can tell on the spot intuitively with zero thinking or knowledge, that it is the facebook logo being used as a weapon.

It's just a simple hand holding a vertical F with some smoke, a very simple photoshop, yet it has so much subconscious power. Because its effects were subconscious.

And when it comes to economy, and especially when it comes to earning, spending, receiving, or sending money, people barely behave subconsciously because we're not in a store, we're in the internet, tokens, signatures, miners, all these things are just tools that we appreciate with our knowledge.

But if we truly desire for Bitcoin Cash to dominate, we must make people addicted to something on it. Something beyond the communities, beyond the fees, beyond the scalability issue it solves, beyond the size of the blocks.

Something everyone must find in his screen and automatically clicks, clicks, clicks, and simply gets where he wants, intuitively, with zero thinking.

Combine that with the constantly improving technological state of bitcoin cash and the perks it brings with its financial superiority.

We got the first step for mass adoption.

It's the only way to fight banks, governments, other cryptocurrencies, social media, and every other power that people are subjects of. The decentralization of real financial freedom must become not only an aware decision, but an intuitive instinct. An intuitive instinct that combined with the financial/ logical decision becomes a habit.

The habit becomes a need, and the need overthrows the previous habits, and that's when we will win.

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2 years ago


Very true and well said. This is what we must have. I call the result "going viral" and it should be very easy for people if we want it to happen. Before we try to do it, I think we need one critical thing first as well. The ability to scale for massive worldwide adoption. Without that, we can have a crash and burn of our viral growth. BTC might have been close to viral growth in 2017 and it crashed into it's limitation. Crypto-Kitties is probably a great example of an attempt to go viral for ETH.

My theory is that the ability to scale is all we really need to fulfill the dream of Bitcoin. Once we can an "event" will happen and we will go viral. Making it super easy for adopters as you suggest would make the viral growth so much easier and faster. The user-friendly apps we need for that should be arriving soon if not already here when scaling is solved.

Those who suggest we can already scale enough and need not worry about that issue until we have full blocks may be trying to keep us from going viral successfully? Or they may just be fooled by the social engineering teaching that belief.

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2 years ago

Bitcoin Cash already operates in an extremely convenient for the user fashion, and the fees can be afforded even by the lower class. On top of that perfecting BCH is possible, the really difficult part is integrating on something that will go rival, that something is problem. This site is a very good example of something that could work.

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2 years ago

BCH is still too "techi" for mainstream. We will need truly user-friendly apps that are easy and keep new people from making mistakes. They should also do things like split forked coins automatically and also do what you are suggesting.

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2 years ago

Fixed the punctuation mistakes thank you!

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2 years ago