My mistakes with bitcoin and what I learnt.

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2 years ago

I been working as a developer for 7 years now. I was always a lonely kid since middle school, wasn't so good at socializing, spending time coding, coding.

At some point I became 22 years old, and I had in my hands some certificates about JS, CSS, HTML, node js, react js, and a bunch of other terms that you may be or may be not familiar with.

I was among the ones who bought bitcoin around the middle of 2013 I believe, when the price was 300 usd or so I am not sure. But this is where my story starts.

When it comes to programming, developing, you could say that the titans like google, microsoft, or other big companies control practically everything, from salaries, to promotion, to management, and other smaller companies try to mimic their decisions in order to enrich their own companies with new technology, tactics, strategy and so on and so on.

So when you're approaching an employer, the certificates you learn in a university/ college/ highschool, are the very basics, what the employment asks most of all is experience, and you better have a lot of it.

For example he might ask you to code a simple app that helps customers find the products through their android, he just needs that, and he pays a specific amount with a specific deadline to get that.

He doesn't really care if it is done through JS, node JS, react js, css/hmtl, if you use API's or not, he just wants it done so he can carry on with his business.

Keep that in mind it's extremely important.

So at the end of 2013, the price of bitcoin reached about 1000 usd. Yet I still wouldn't sell.

It brings me shame but also nostalgia to admit that I was one of the believers of the bitcoin system, because back then it was an entire new system, not just another crypto. Today you get 10 new cryptocurrencies showing up and everyone using them as chips for gambling.

So for 4 years I was working as a freelancer, making enough money to sustain myself, sometimes I would donate something extra to some charity cases, maybe buy some more bitcoin, others I would go out to drink. Bottom line is I still hadn't used my bitcoin anywhere.

So as time passed we reached 2018, now I was a grown ass man, I could make my own decisions and with the experience from my years I knew when not to do something, and when to do it. By then, I had about 4 bitcoins or so stored and ready to sell them, so I did sell them to paxful (an insanely unfair service with HUGE fees if you see it you will start pulling your hair).

I earned enough money now to better my life, better my profession, better my connections, better my image. I was feeling empowered, pragmatic, reasonable with my new decisions. "Now I will start employing people to build my apps, I will become my own manager just watch me!" Was on my mind.

At 2018 empowered by the new profound confidence I bought bitcoin once more, yes I admit it, even as a senior software engineer, I fell for the trap as well.

I thought that my decisions now are always going to be beneficial, that I got the gambler's instinct, that I can't lose it's impossible at this point. I am the super software engineer who became completely independent at 19 years old, coming from a poor household I made a career and established a living by 23. Nothing can happen to me, look at me.

December 2017 the price of bitcoin had reached 13.000 usd or so, but I had no bitcoins to sell because I had sold them previously to build my life instead.

I felt stupid, my ego felt triggered, attacked, I was watching in all the social media I was connected to people celebrating selling at 12.000 while buying at the same price I did, which was 300 or so. That's IMMENSE profit! Was what I thought.

So I started watching charts on my phone constantly waiting for the next drop to buy bitcoin so I can get rich on the next one. (Like that ever works)

April 2018 the price of bitcoin was 9.000 usd. I thought to myself"this is it, it's my time to make up now". So I bought around 3 bitcoins from my savings, and I even called some of my friends, family, to give me money so I can "Help them too"

Little did I know...

I would see entire articles from sponsored journalists claiming that the price will reach 20.000 100.000 maybe even more, hope entered my mind and I felt like this was my time to make up for not buying the previous drop.

But to also be <<mature>> with my approach and have realistic <<expectations>>.

December 2018. The price of bitcoin has dropped down to 3.000 usd.

If I were to describe a moment in my life where I felt absolute nothingness, like a shock penetrated my entire body and made me realize I'm worthless, when I stared upon the chart that was showing that practically lost 18.000 or more.

It was just utter destruction I tasted the cruelty of the market and day trading and it left me emotionally and mentally scarred, like someone just stepped on me.

May 2019 I was lucky enough to sell my bitcoins and minimize the damage as much as possible. But the injury was fresh and still there, sometimes it irks me even now, anyways. Getting to the present.

At 2020, blockchain- crypto related jobs were on the rise, so many well paid jobs with relatively easy things to do were on the rise.

So I finally had a solid, constant, income, while doing what I want, when I want.

All these investments, all these companies looking for backend and frontend developers, and with the COVID 19 it just got better and better.

But now what, I had a solid income, a normal job, a balanced life, the working hours allowed me to have habits and rest, I was doing what I was enjoying, yet something was missing.

I was and still am annoyed of how i got SCAMMED off my capital with the sponsored self proclaimed <<investing experts>>.

The cryptocurrency that made me who I am as a man, and a programmer, is being used by corrupted dogs and not only it doesn't fight the banks and the controlling governments.

It feeds them.

But on top of that, I stand here unable to do anything about it. But integrate bitcoin cash in the application I hope to use to fight against a system that doesn't benefit humanity at all.

Is that bad? No.

Is that technically different? No.

But everyday, from when I wake up till the point I open my screen, I keep reading all this propaganda about the price of bitcoin, all these lies, all that manipulation, from all these LITERALLY bankers. Because the current OWNERS of bitcoin are bankers.

And I just can't tolerate it. It would be literally nothing for all these people who hold bitcoins right now and Bought at a lower price to sell them, and change to bitcoin cash and assist in the mass adoption, so we can truly fight the banks and controlling governments.

Everytime I approach a new website, a new business, a new merchant, anything.

The moment I speak about integrating a cryptocurrency system he tells me "oh bitcoin that's a good idea".

And I have to explain to him every, single, time, all the thousands reasons why bitcoin ISN'T a good thing for your business right now, and bitcoin cash is.

And good luck trying to convince him to take me more seriously than the owners of bitcoin and their 100000 journalists who brainwashed him into believing the current bitcoin is the way to go.

So I end up with three options, one I try to convince him in hopes he might understand, two I give up and integrate his "bitcoin gadget that will bring him customers", three, I try to do something about it.

So right now in order for me to elevate my career, I either have to bend to corruption and go with the flow, stand against it, or get rid of it altogether.

Don't take me wrong, I am not accepting defeat just yet. Bitcoin cash community proved to everyone that's more than possible to decentralize the bitcoin-system and make it usable. So till I exhaust every option I will keep trying and trying, if bitcoin can't do it, then bitcoin cash will. If neither one, then both together will.

My respect towards everyone who didn't give up on cryptocurrencies after all the big fuck ups of bitcoin, it takes faith to stick around wish you the best really and thank you for making this true.

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2 years ago


This is something that I really relates to. Bitcoin was introduced to me at a very young age of 15. I patronized faucets and a lot of sites that gives out free satoshis. I store them for quite a while. I was able to raise about 0.1 btc back then. The conversion is as not big as I wanted it comparing to the amount of effort and work I did. So I end up selling it and getting a decent sum of cash. But looking at the charts now, that 0.1 btc could literally send my younger cousins to college.

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2 years ago

Haha the faucets and the free satoshi, good days good days. I remember having 15 tabs open when I was in highschool trying to farm them all together so I can finally reach one btc.

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2 years ago

Oh my god yes! I was also in my fourth year high school that time. Waiting every 5 mins to claim all the satoshis. I can still remember how high they give back then. What an experience? Right? Hahahaha.

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2 years ago

It had some purity, nowadays as adults we tip off easily 5 USD but back then we had to stare on a screen and make certain we get the right timing, nostalgic but it's amazing how far we went both as a community but also as people who used crypto as part of their lives.

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2 years ago