How eastern culture interacts with western habits.

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As the title of the article says, I would like to speak about the connection of eastern culture and western habits.

I won't bring any sources given how this is free-writing.

Eastern culture can vary, from chinese, to japanese, to thai, to korean, but how each one of them has affected western the most and why? And on what level and what fashion? Financially? Philosophically? Ideologically?

See the strange thing about the east is, the variety of cultures, personalities, and people, habits, professions, is so intriguing, for example:

Japan has affected the entire world with its animes, from literature to philosophy, to TV shows, to internet traffic, to even sexuality. Japan has left its mark to the internet and it has done so in a very passive fashion. I believe that to be based on the way they live, behave, and work.

If you think about it even bitcoin was in fact created firstly in Japan, the inclination towards Technology japan has can be anything but iconic.

Many people also believe that the very concept of miners and cryptocurrencies is something that the USA government uses to fight some sort of technological and financial world against japan/china. Another piece of evidence about the importance of asia lies in how the two superpowers Russia-Usa respectively are showing worry, anxiety, even fear when it comes to its moves.

Thailand on the other hand has developed a culture that's, eccentric.

On one hand you have the transexual people who apparently can even be professional fighters with undefeated records.

On the other hand you have restaurants that are so cheap comparingly to the western restaurants, and sometimes they even serve better food!

What's intriguing yet almost saddening is how they produce and train some of the toughest, fastest, and strongest athletes in the entire world, yet these athletes are severely under paid comparingly to western athletes.

You could say that its extremely harsh conditions and social environment have pushed the thai people to the point of mastering a lot with very few tools in their possession.

Best example being their quick adoption of bitcoin cash, just with some interactions with western people they immediately adapted the future dominating currency. Their creativity and their passion towards their job is truly maddeningly mesmerizing.

Speaking about mesmerizing, another pair of extremely intriguing and irrefutably famous for their polarly different structures as countries, are north korea and south korea.

On one hand you have north korea, a country that operates under practically dictatorship, a country that everything is monitored, a country that one man is worshipped almost as a god, yet it has enough power in its hands to be a constant danger for all the countries in the world.

And the other hand you have south korea, the crowned king of pop culture in asia.

The critical differences between the two countries can be also be explained historically.

This is the end of a brief summarization of what makes asia amazing and how it affects western habits, enjoy!

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