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After a week it's time for an other Challenge on Splinterlands! A season is ended and a new one has just started: what will be this month challenges? Let's summon our monsters and see what awaits us!

This time the required card is the Crystal Jaguar and you probably already know what this means.... yes, the Cheap Edition is here!

So... someone said Living Lava?


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In the low ranks - and we obviously play in the lowest rank, otherwise this wouldn't be enough cheap, would it? - this guy is usually the main tank used by all Malric Inferno and Pyre players.


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High health, very high damage and its Shield ability make Living Lava a

superb tank, capable of carrying on its own an entire match... and that is exactly what happened in the battle we are going to analyze!


At level (1), Living Lava has (6) health and (2) armor, which make it - together with its Shield ability - literally a wall against all melee and ranged monsters.
On the other hand, its low speed (1) and the fact that armor doesn't matter against magic attacks, put it in a strong disadvantage against magic monsters.

And being water an extremly used element in Bronze, this is quite a big downside...

Luckily, this wasn't the case!


19 Mana - Standard Rules

For this match I chose Malric Inferno as my summoner, because my daily quest was about winning five matches with Fire... and I desperatly need those daily rewards! So I went with Marlic Inferno, instead of Pyre, as I like the ability to deal more damages, which can easily turn very useful against monsters (or teams) supported by the Heal ability.

As monsters my lineup was made up by:

  • Living Lava: as I said until now, it's a very strong tank and with (4) attack it can crash in a few hits every other monster

  • Kobold Miner: the Sneak ability makes it ideal at taking down key enemy monsters

  • Serpentine Spy: same as Kobold Miner, but with higher damage and lower health... so I put it in third place, hoping it could survive longer

  • Spark Pixies: with its super high speed it can hit fast and quite hard, but it can also evade (maybe) some attaks thanks to its Fly ability, lasting longer and keeping safe my backline.


In the first round everything went wrong: being faster, my opponent started taking down one by one all my monsters before they can even understand what was happening.

Serpentine Spy and Spark Pixies were the first victims, while Kobold Miner followed them soon, right at the start of the second round.

I thought everything was over and I had no hope I could even survive an other round... but was I right?

Alone against five enemies, Living Lava didn't agree with me and - strong of its Shield ability and huge attack - started dealing fathal damages to every monster... hit after hit, every attack was a one shot kill, while the enemies could barely scratch its health, no matter how many times they keep attacking.

No one could stand against my Living Lava and, finally, after a few missed shots, the last monster - a ranged one - felt under my attacks.

What an epic comeback!


Living Lava did an awesome job, carrying the entire team and match on its own, killing alone all my opponent's monsters and surviving the simoultaneous attacks of five different monsters... simply outstanding!

Kobold MinerSerpentine Spy and Spark Pixies did... well, nothing!

I clearly make some mistakes choosing this line-up: aside from the tank, the other monsters were too fragile and I wasn't able to keep them safe.

A good strategy I can try to improve could be switching them for monsters with passive support ability, like the Goblin Shaman, which will make my Living Lava even harder to be killed.


Link to the battle

Article also available on:

Check the battle and drop a follow on FruitLab

Thanks for reading and for your time!

Remember to always DYOR and to invest only what you can afford to lose... better safe than sorry!

English is not my native tongue, so if you find any mistakes, please let me know in the comment section so I can edit it!

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