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Splinterlands Weekly Challenge... BUT is the Cheap Edition! | Haunted Spider |

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8 months ago

It's that time of the week! The Splinterlands Weekly Challenge has arrived, keeping us well prepared and ready to fight, as the Chaos Legion is approaching!

What? This week's card is the Haunted Spider, a card available to everyone... oh, so I guess I can say that... uh... I own it?

Nope, the harsh reality is waaaaay different, don't expect the Cheap Edition to be defeated so easily!

Haunted Spider it's surely a card avaliable to everyone, but this doesn't mean you own it! I can use it in battle, but it's not mine, I can't sell or rent it to someone esle and it doesn't rise my power level...

So our beloved Cheap Edition is here, in good health and ready to remember us that we don't need powerful and expensive cards to fight some epic battles!

Also, @mango-juice, I couldn't deprive you of the pleasure of staring one more time at my silly thumbnail... and thanks for your support! It made my day knowing that someone appreciated it.

Now, let's dive into the battle!

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I don't play a lot this card, mostly because of these two guys, which for only one more mana have far stronger stats, particularly the latter.


Images source


But sometimes even a big purple venomous spider deserves some love and with (2) ranged damages for (3) mana, Haunted Spider it's not so bad and can find its place in some battles.


At level (1), Haunted Spider has (2) health and (2) ranged damages, which make it quite good assuming it can survive some rounds without - basically - being hit.
Its low speed (1) doesn't help, but, hey, maybe we don't want to see this "not so beautiful" spider running so fast, do we?


20 Mana - Standard Rules

For this match I chose Zintar Mortalis as my summoner, which is one of my favourite Splinters: in Bronze there a lot of melee monsters and that -1 to their attack has saved me so many times I've lost count! Also, my daily quest was about winning with Death, so it was a win-win situation.

As monsters my lineup was made up by:

  • Haunted Spirit: with (7) health and the Heal ability, this is by far my most used tank with Death

  • Skeleton Assassin: the Sneak ability makes it ideal at taking down key enemy monsters

  • Undead Badger: same as Skeleton Assassin, but with lower speed and health

  • Haunted Spider: the star of the week, with good ranged damage

  • Twisted Jester: an other ranged monster, but this time with the Snipe ability, extra useful in combo with Sneak: the enemy backlines will suffer high losses for sure.


In the first round both my opponent and I lost a creature: with abilities like SneakOpportunity and Snipe, our backlines were not so safe and it was immediately clear that the first one who would have been able to take advantage of this situation, would have won the fight.

And my Skeleton Assassin understood it very well, easily dominating the field, one hitting the most vulnerable opponent's monsters.

One more round and the fight was close to its end, as the strong Living Lava felt under the heavy fire of my Haunted Spirit and Spider (the haunted duo)

With only one weak undefended monster left, my opponent didn't stand a chance and the match was quicly over.


Skeleton Assassin was surely the MVP, but all my monsters performed well and did a good job during the entire match.

I was very satisfied with the overall performance of my team: Haunted Spider, the one everyone's eyes were pointed at, was perfectly placed and helped my Haunted Spirit in its mortal race againt Living Lava, reducing its health hit after hit: well done!

It was an intense battle.

Now the challenge is over, but the dust won't have time to settle, as other fights await us! We must be ready... see you on the battlefield!

Link to the battle.


Article also available on:

Check the battle and drop a follow on FruitLab

Thanks for reading and for your time!

Remember to always DYOR and to invest only what you can afford to lose... better safe than sorry!

English is not my native tongue, so if you find any mistakes, please let me know in the comment section so I can edit it!

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Written by   2
8 months ago
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