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Splinterlands Weekly Challenge... BUT is the Cheap Edition!

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9 months ago

A month ago I registered on Splinterlands and I started my journey across those misterious lands... I definitely don't know where I'm going (maybe I'm standing right where I started!? Seems veeeeery likely), but my journey, until now, has been really funny, so I'll keep walking and exploring, hoping to discover some new friendly monsters and - hopefully - some rewards hidden somewhere!

This is the first time I'm participating in a Weekly Challenge and it comes with little if no surprise that I do not own the card required to complete it... so, someone said Centauri Mage? I clearly understood Naga Assassin!

This is my second rare card and even if it isn't the most overpowered card in the game, it seems quite playable... at least more than the Exploding Rats, which, on the other hand, are quite adorable.

 (If you are asking, yes, this was my first rare card...)

But let's come back to this Poor Edition Challenge and let me tell you how the mighty... uh... strong?... uh... okokplayable Naga Assassin helped me winning a match!


At the current level (1), Naga Assassin has no abilities, but very high speed (5) for its low mana cost (2).

Yeah, the analysis is that short


20 Mana - Standard Rules

For this match I chose Drak of Arnak as my summoner, because it is a dragon (and who doesn't like dragons?) and it will allow me to play my brand new Naga Assassin! Also, because it will give +1 to my monsters' armor, making them harder to be killed by melee fighters... but this isn't so relevant, not as much as being a dragon!

As monsters my lineup was made up by:

  • Cocatrice: because I had 2 mana left (sorry Cocatrice)

  • Haunted Spirit: tank with lot of health and heal ability

  • Skeleton Assassin: sneak ability and good speed

  • Undead Badger: sneak ability and decent speed

  • Undead Piest: reduce the health on the enemy monsters, making them more vulnerable

  • Naga Assassin: because it is playable... goes crying in a corner


In the first round the Cocatrice surprised everyone, dodging one attack and making my opponent wasting two more to kill it! Well done, Cocatrice!

Due to this incredible action, my other monsters could survive the round and dealt their full damage!

Second round started with my lineup being at full health (less the heroic Cocatrice), while my opponent already suffered major losses... the difference in output damage was to high and the outcome was already clear.

My opponent couldn't deal any more killing blow, while my monsters kept eliminating his creatures.

Victory was mine!


Cocatrice and Haunted Spirit did a great job, keeping my other monsters safe and dealing - the latter - a lot of damages to the enemy tank.

Skeleton Assassin and Undead Badger, on the other hand, were able to knock out some key enemy creatures before they could do the same to mines.

Undead Priest and Naga Assassin, lastly, supported from behind my team, making my opponent's monsters more vulnerable.

The team worked well and with good synergy!

Naga Assassin didn't much, but still helped giving the final blow to the enemy tank... not so bad for 2 mana only!

Link to the battle

Article also available on:


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Thanks for reading and for your time!

Remember to always DYOR and to invest only what you can afford to lose... better safe than sorry!

English is not my native tongue, so if you find any mistakes, please let me know in the comment section so I can edit it!

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Written by   2
9 months ago
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