How To: Google Play Credits to Cash thanks to Ecency

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Some time ago I downloaded the Google Play Rewars app - the one which rewards you with few cents for answering quick and easy surveys here and there - and started accumulating some balance.

During the following years most of this balance expired and I spent only a fraction of it on "premium" app I didn't really need, just to avoid losing that money for nothing.

I searched carefully over the web many times, looking for a way to use this balance for something more useful: the best would have been being able to transfer it somewhere (for ex., PayPal... even if I don't like it) or use it to buy NFT or crypto-tokens in general.

That would be great, right? Buying some cards on #Splinterlands or some packs on #GodsUnchained would have been the top for me, as I would have been able to increase my collection just for free!

Ok, not really for "free", as I'm selling personal information to Google, but I can choose what surveys I feel confortable answering and which I don't, so, in the end, at least for me is basically free as I didn't waste money or time on it.


Unfortunately I couldn't find anywhere a way to realize this idea:

  • Splinterlands disabled on its mobile app the ability to purchase credits through the play store;

  • Exchanges don't allow to buy cryptos with Google Play balance;

  • Cryptocurrency in general doesn't seem to be supported in any way by the Play Store;

  • Apps promising to convert your balance into cash look shady and have plenty of bad reviews, so they don't look trustworthy.

I don't know if in other countries things are different (I'm from Italy).

I checked for months and I was losing my hopes, as nothing seemed to work...


When, suddenly, yesterday night, just before falling asleep, I had a brainchild!

One word came to my mind and it was enlightening:


I've been using it for months now, enjoying it and getting rewarded for my activity on #Hive, but I'd never thought it would have been the answer to my problem!

And the answer was so easy!

Through Ecency mobile app you can buy Ecency points (also known as #ESTM) and you can use your Google Play balance to complete this purchase.

Then, you can sell the Ecency points you just purchased or use them to boost one of your posts to get an upvote from #Ecency itself.

In the latter case, you also get an upvote whose value exceeds what you actually paid to get it: so you are turning your Google Play balance into more money... pretty impressive, uh?

That's it:

  • no KYC required,

  • no need to download dubious apps,

  • no fees,

  • nothing tricky.

You download the Ecency Mobile app, log in/sign uppurchase some Ecency points with your Google Play credits and.... you are done! You can sell them or start boosting your posts to get some Hive/HBD back.

You can also swap the Hive/HBD received for FIAT money (USD, EUR, GBP...) on an external exchange.

As far as I've seen, you can't register through the app: if you haven't an account, you should first sign up via your browser at (affiliate link) or



How to convert your Google Play Reward Credits to cash through Ecency



1) Download the Ecency app on the Play Store

2) Open the app and Sign in

3) Go to your wallet

4) Click on "GET POINTS"

5) Select the amount of Ecency points you want to buy

6) Double check your Google Play balance and approve the purchase

7) After a few seconds, you can see the transfer in your transaction history

8) Use your Ecency points to boost one of your best posts

If you are like me and you were looking for a way to use freely your Google Play credits, I hope you found this post useful :)

If you have any answers, feel free to ask in the comment.


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