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Dragons Are Coming! Are You Ready for This Week Splinterlands Challenge?

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8 months ago

I sincerely believed that my "Cheap Edition" would have standed unbeaten for a long time... but I was wrong! This week's challenge was simply too much to handle and, in the end, I had to knee and admit my defeat.

Why? Because the Splinterlands Challenge of this week is not about a card... it's about an element! And what an element!

This week we have to battle each other, training in the shadows of the approaching "Chaos Legion", improving our skills with... DRAGONS!

So, while we set the arena for the fight, first give a look (and a like!) to the new Chaos Legion official trailer.

Now we are ready, let's start the fight!

The Dragon element is all about versatility, as it allows you to play with the cards of one of any other element.

So, you can choose Delwin Dragonscale as your splinter

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and pair him with some magic Fire cards to create an unusual combo!

But, as a novice player, the first Dragon Splinter you have available for free is Drake of Arnak, a dragon itself!

Image source

Personally, I really like this splinter and I even played it in my first ever Splinterlands Weekly Challenge, pairing it with the Death element: the results surprised me and I tried to replicate them with this challenge!

Let's see how it went.


Drake of Arnak gives +1 to the armor of all friendly monsters, increasing their survivability against melee and ranged attacks.

It costs (4) mana, so it is slighty more expensive than the other "basic" splinters, but it has the versatility of the dragon element, allowing us to give +1 armor to monsters which, usually, don't have the chance to get this bonus.


28 Mana - Standard Rules

As anticipated, Drake of Arnak was the summoner chosen for this battle, while Death the element paired with it: the bonus armor given by this summoner can be incredibly useful when used with low health monsters without their own armor, as it basically allows them to survive one extra shot.

As monsters my lineup was made up by:

  • Bone Golem: my opponent played his last three matches with water, so a tank with the Void ability looked like the optimal choice

  • Skeleton Assassin: the Sneak ability makes it ideal at taking down key enemy monsters with low health

  • Undead Badger: same as Skeleton Assassin, but with lower speed and health

  • Undead Priest: reduces the health on the enemy monsters, making them more vulnerable to my Sneak monsters

  • Mantoid: ranged monster with a lot of health and the Snipe ability, useful to increase the damages to the enemy baklines

  • Twisted Jester: an other ranged monster with Snipe.


Thanks to the Sneak and Snipe abilities and to the higher speed of my monsters, the first round saw three of my opponent's creatures falling without the chance of casting their magic attacks.

Meanwhile, my Bone Golem exchanged some hard hits with the opponent's tank, while countering Alric Stormbringer with its Void ability.

What an awesome start!

During the second round the music didn't change and it was the time of both the tank and the last magic monster of my opponent to fell under the hits of my creatures, while my team barely receive any scratches.

Heavy fire rained above the battlefield and the fight approached to its end!

The third and last round wasn't even a fair fight: the Spineback Turtle was quickly overwhelmed and the match ended in a great victory!


The Drake of Arnak and Death combo keeps being one of my favourites, mixing the strengh of Death cards in killing backline monsters with the increased survivability given by Drake of Arnak.

In this particular match the increased armor didn't give me any particular advantage, as the majority of my opponent's creatures were magic ones, which attacks ignore armor: nonetheless, the Dragon Splinter helped me hiding my strategy to my opponent (as he couldn't see what element I used the most in my previous matches) and would have also given me extra winning chances in the case that my opponent didn't choose what I was expecting.

The Challenge is over

Link to the battle.

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Written by   2
8 months ago
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