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BlockFi Limited Time Promo - $40 in BTC

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5 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)

Today I woke up and found a mail from BlockFi, announcing the start of a new time-limited promo!



If you sign up with a referral code (for example, like... this one: "6974d666"), deposit at least $100 worth of crypto or stablecoin and hold them in your account for 30 days, you'll get a bonus of $40 in BTC for free!

An entire +40% ROI on your investment in 30 days, while you are even earning interest on the deposited asset! It's like is raining money!

Well, that's Mr. Krabs taking a shower... but you get the idea!


That's really an awesome promotion and if I wasn't already registered at BlockFi, this would have been the time to join!

The only bad part is that you must be a non-US resident to get the entire bonus... In fact, if you are a US resident you are only eligible for a $10 in BTC bonus: better than nothing, but I can imagine your disappointment... maybe you can wait for a better promo to join BlockFI! If I hear something, I'll write about it, so maybe consider dropping a follow :)

little advise I can give you is to deposit something more than $100: your balance should be worth at least $100 for the entire 30 days prior to the accrual of the bonus!

So, if you aren't funding your account with a stablecoin, take into consideration the volatility of your chosen asset.

Interested? Sign up through this link, deposit $100 in one of the supported asset (you have a good amount of options!) and hold your asset in your account to get these juicy $40 in BTC! Yum!

And don't forget that you have one free withdrawal per month, if you want to move your asset after getting that bonus!

Thanks for reading and for your time!

Everything reflects my personal opinion and it is not intended to be financial advise in any way: always do your own research!

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Written by   2
5 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)
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