My story with my baby at my early age

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2 years ago

Hello guys let me introduce my self to all of you reading this. So let's start hello my name is anna rose i am from Subic, zambales, i am 19 years old going to 20 this coming september 4. Just wanna share you guys my story i am 18 years old when i got pregnant, and i was 19 when i give birth to my son name rancel cleb, i am graduated as accountancy business management but only a 2years course only but i am not regret to having a baby at my early age because my son is my treasure, my happiness, and my everything. I'm so lucky when he came to our life of my partner he is so sweet ang loving son . I went up the stage pregnant, a 4months pregnant time passed so quikly and my son now is 9months old he he is going to turn 1year old this September 21. Just wanna remind you guys don't abbandon the god's blessing cause promise to you guys so much happier that theres no hiding anything, i'm so thankful to having what i have.

Ps. Not just because you got pregnant early, you are not able to reach your dream. Fight for your dreams with your love one god has plan.

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Welcome to and congratulations on your son. Hold him as long as you can before you know he's off to school or starts a life of his own.

If you continue writing in English I advise you to use Grammarly. It will correct all your mistakes while you write.

I wish you good luck. 🍀

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2 years ago