The US Army is Busy in Northeastern Syria Stealing Oil and Food

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5 months ago
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The NATO US Army is busy in northeastern Syria, business as usual, and no, it's not combating ISIS or Al Qaeda, they'll never destroy their best proxy army, they're busy stealing the food and fuel of the Syrian people because they feel they're entitled to steal while at the same time crying about the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

34 tankers loaded with oil stolen from Syrian oils wells followed by another convoy of 40 covered lorries guarded by armored vehicles of the US Army and its other proxy army, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists were spotted crossing from the Syrian territories into neighboring Iraq through one of the illegal border crossings.

The US Army maintains, officially, around a thousand troops in Syria, illegally deployed and operating in the country against international law, against the UN Charter, against every United Nations Security Council resolution the USA signed on in regard to Syria, and against the will of the Syrian government which calls them occupiers and oil thieves.

The Pentagon claims it operates in Syria to combat ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), but everything on the ground and in every statement by a US official, the fact that ISIS only continues to grow in strength wherever the US Army is deployed points out otherwise.

Even the former US Commander in Chief Donald Trump when giving the orders to keep the US troops in Syria he explicitly said to 'keep the oil' because he ' likes oil' adding that his troops are not interested in any combat missions there.

It's not a contradiction in US policies viz a viz Ukraine, I personally used to call it hypocrisy as it's obviously so, but if you look closely, it's the same forces in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, and everywhere there's a conflict on this planet against the rest of the world, the US-led NATO 'defensive' alliance forces are present where they shouldn't be, operating what they shouldn't do, killing and maiming innocent people, displacing millions of people, destroying the infrastructure of other countries while claiming they are spreading democracy.

It's not hypocrisy, from their point of view, when any diplomat or official or even reporter faces them with these blatant hypocritical acts, they don't feel ashamed, on the contrary, the US officials and those of their satellite vassals like in the European Union, the UK, Gulfies, et al, feel proud their work is recognized!

More about this latest theft in broad daylight of Syria's oil and food and the previous theft a few days ago in this report: Biden Forces Steal Additional Dozens of Tankers of Syrian Oil.

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5 months ago
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