The Syrian Army Eliminates Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

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5 months ago
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A group of NATO Turkey-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists attempted to attack the towns and farmlands in the vicinity of the Al-Qasabiyeh in the southern Idlib countryside only to get eliminated by the vigilant Syrian Arab Army positioned there.

We're not sure yet whether the terrorists knew of the presence of Battalion 358 of the Republican Guards Corps of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the towns they attacked, what we are sure of is the attack was not only foiled by the heroes of this battalion, they eliminated the attacking terrorists.

Both local and military sources from the area confirmed the attack, the timing is not precise but it was around the first day of the Eid Al Fitr, one of Muslim's only two main religious holidays, this one concludes the fasting month of Ramadan.

Al Qaeda Levant aka HTS aka Nusra Front aka Jabhat Nusra aka in Western media as 'moderate rebels' and 'peaceful protesters' is still holding considerable parts of the Syrian Idlib province under the protection of the two main NATO armies, the Turkish and US Armies.

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Also, no thanks to the indecisiveness of the Russian mediator and guarantors, in addition to Iran, of the Turkish side in this dirty NATO war of terror on Syria, the Turks who begged for a ceasefire to withdraw along with their terrorists have instead reinforced their own Turkish army troops and beefed up their proxy al Qaeda terrorists in the regions occupied by them.

While Russia is playing a several-dimensional chess game with the Turkish madman Erdogan, up to 3 million Syrians continue to live under the mercy of these terrorists and their sponsors in NATO, the 'defensive' alliance.

More about this latest attack in this report: Syrian Army Eliminates NATO’s al Qaeda Terrorist Group in Idlib.

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5 months ago
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