Syrians are NOT Excited about the Return to the Arab League

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1 year ago
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The excitement and the debates happening about restoring Syria's seat in the Arab League are coming mostly from non-Syrian sources, little is coming from Syrians, even state and state-affiliated media are just reporting on the topic without elaborating.

Why non-Syrians are split between excited and dismayed and why the Syrians are not moved by this news? There are a few things to consider.

First and foremost, the Arab League is a dead body organization good for nothing tangible. It was founded by a much fewer number of Arab States one of which was Syria with the idea of creating an economic and political bloc to counter colonial and foreign interventions.

What happened throughout its history was slogans emptied by some members of the League, especially the Gulfies who were largely manipulated by the USA and its Western stooges, the role played by such Arab regimes was to hollow out the decisions of the Arab League, many cited that the USA had to approve some of the AL resolutions and statements before its Arab agents agree on it in their summits and meetings.

The AL failed to meet the aspirations of the Arab people across West Asia and North Africa, it failed to unite the Arab countries even in arts, as some observers comment.

Many Arab countries would vote on resolutions in favor of the Palestinian people and then go ahead and coordinate with Israel on the oppression of the Palestinian people. Some Arab regimes would help Israel and other enemies of the Arab people over other Arab countries like the case of the Jordanian late monarch who warned Israel of the October 1973 war Syria and Egypt waged to liberate their lands occupied by Israel.

Another heinous example would be when some of the Arabs were pushing NATO member state Turkey to invade northern Syria and they will help the Turks against Syria, the Gulfies financially, and Egypt would give the invaders an Arabic political cover. Luckily, the secular Turkish regime at the time did not go ahead with these traitors and managed to resolve its issues with Syria directly.

The worse of all was when the Arab League despite the strong objection by some of its member states, especially Syria, called for foreign intervention in Libya and referred the Libyan file to the US-controlled UNSC and we know the story after that.

Arab League Resolutions are supposed to be taken unanimously, yet when Qatar called to expel Syria from the League Syria founded 26 years before Qatar became a state, a decision was taken disregarding objections from Lebanon and Iraq.

During the past 12 years of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against Syrian and the Syrian people, the Arab League as an organization and most of its member states individually were instrumental in helping the USA in its war on Syria financially, militarily, and even providing tens of thousands of their citizens to the terrorist groups of Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot in Syria.

After all that enmity by the Arab League, the organization, and most of its member states, the League decides to re-admit Syria to its body, as simple as that and is if nothing happened or as if the Syrian people would forget the treachery and criminality of the League and its member states, and the extreme of treachery and criminality by some of those member states against Syria and the Syrians, all the blood that was spilled, the suffering, the destruction, the displacement, the humiliation of Syrians wherever they were forced to flee to, all of that should be forgotten, and even worse, the Syrians are expected to thank the Arab League for re-admitting Syria back!

Syria's acceptance to return to the Arab League without being compensated by those who waged the most heinous war of terror and attrition against it and who lost that war came under continuous pressure from Syria's allies, namely Russia and Iran, and to some extent China.

These three countries stood by Syria, but not as real allies would, and especially not as countries who are next on the list to be targeted after Syria.

It took Iran more than 2.5 years to realize that Syria will be winning the war and that it was next on that list, and that its attempts to forge stronger ties with the countries that were fighting against Syria were futile. Then it started to provide some help to Syria in the fight against terrorism, especially after the revered shrines of figures sacred to the Shia (Shiites) sect were desecrated and some were blown up by the anti-Islamic terrorists the USA and its stooges were sponsoring in Syria.

It took Russia more than 4.5 years to come to the conclusion Iran came to, it was on the same list of countries to be targeted, and its 'Western partners' were only looking for ways to dismember the Russian state and distribute its wealth over those 'western partners' of Russia. Its playing the middle ground in the war on Syria helped only to threaten Russia's own national security.

Both Iran and Russia were supporting NATO member state Turkey times more than they were supporting Syria, Russia was also supporting US's forefront proxy Israel on the account of Syria, and then both were exerting pressure on Syria to accept to mend its ties with the Arab states that waged the heinous war against it without calling for reparations from those states, and as explained above, the Syrians should feel grateful for getting their victory stolen, and their sacrifices and suffering forgotten.

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