Syrian City Council Member Assassinated by a US Army Proxy

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1 year ago
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Member of the Syrian Southern Quneitra Governorate Council and the Secretary of the Baath partisan division in the town of Ghadir al-Bustan Hamad Al-Koumah was assassinated by masked gunmen in his town.

Political and security analysts monitoring terrorist attacks in the southern Syrian provinces of Quneitra, Sweida, Daraa, and Damascus countryside attributed the killing of the notable official to a group affiliated with ISIS and operating out of the '55 kilometers protected zone' the US Army established around its illegal military base in Al Tanf.

Mr. Al-Koumah was gunned down and arrived dead at the Mamdouh Abaza public hospital in the city of Quneitra.

The assassination style, timing, and target point to an affiliated ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) terrorist group which receives military training, gear, weapons, and logistical support and is commanded directly by the US Army in its Al Tanf base.

Maghawir Thawra later renamed to Syrian Free Army has been responsible for a series of terrorist attacks in southern Syria including horrific massacres against villagers, the US Army considers it as its 'partner in combating ISIS' in an Orwellian projection media stunt manner.

The same above-mentioned terrorist group keeps thousands of Syrian families hostage in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp next to the illegal US military base in Al Tanf, the consecutive White House regimes are using those civilians to pressure the Syrian government into submission.

More about this latest US-sponsored terrorist attack in this report: US’s ISIS Terrorists Assassinate Quneitra City Council Member. (link in bio)

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