Syrian Army Eliminates US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Cells in Daraa

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1 year ago
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The Syrian Arab Army's air force decimated posts and hideouts of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the Daraa countryside, the terrorists eliminated in the strikes were responsible for the assassination of the Syrian policemen in the northern countryside of Daraa a day earlier.

The Syrian security with the help of locals identified three sites as hideouts and weapon depots for a so-called 'Al Sabihi' group in the farmlands on the outskirts of Atman, Yadudah, and Dael towns in the Daraa countryside, the Syrian Army's southern command was informed.

A Syrian Su 24 instantaneously took off from its base and fired precision missiles that decimated the targets with absolute accuracy.

The locals in Daraa were horrified about the ambush this terrorist group set for the Syrian policemen who were from the same region and were looking for the terrorists since the massacre happened.

Worth noting that this is the first time the Syrian air force visits the skies in the southern region after the Russian Army was invited to help squash the world's largest army of terrorists sponsored by the world's superpowers and super-rich countries with forces of the NATO 'defensive' alliance confirmed operating illegally in Syria on the side of the terrorists.

More in this report: Syrian Army Bombs ISIS Dens Avenging the Killing of the Policemen in Daraa. (link in bio)

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I hope this war will be over. There are lots of innocent people especially the children were being affected with this activity.

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1 year ago