Syrian and Russian Armies Bomb NATO Forces in Idlib

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1 year ago
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NATO forces of the Turkish Army, Al Qaeda, and its affiliates received a taste of the might of the Syrian Arab Army's artillery and the Russian air force bombing over the past couple of days.

Al Qaeda Levant in the western Idlib countryside received a severe blow before noon when the Russian air force obliterated several of their posts killing and injuring its terrorists and destroying the weapon depots and command centers for NATO and its al Qaeda proxy terrorists.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army Republican Guards Corps and the Tiger Forces of the SAA Special Forces continue their readiness and beef up their troops in Aleppo's western countryside and Idlib's southern countryside, respectively.

The latest escalations come after the NATO Turkish proxy terrorists of Al Qaeda Levant (aka HTS, Nusra Front) blew up a Russian armored vehicle killing two Russian soldiers and injuring 3 others, and after the Turkish Army bombed a Syrian Army's post by a drone killing 3 soldiers.

NATO's escalation heightened with the USA deploying F22 fighter jets to Jordan, south of Syria claiming its fighter jets are being harassed by the Russian fighter jets in Syria's skies ignoring the fact that the Russian Army in all its units including the Russian Aerospace Forces are in Syria upon the official invitation of the Syrian government while the US forces including their air force operate in Syria illegally.

More about these latest developments in this report: Russian Air Force Destroy NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda Posts in Idlib. (link in bio)

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Erdogan is empowered after Russia and Iran helped him win the latest election thinking they are fighting the West. The Turkish Ottoman pariah is a faithful servant for his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv, he will take any chance to flip again against those who helped him.

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1 year ago