NATO Bombs Power Supply to Water Pump Depriving Millions of Syrians of Water

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4 months ago
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NATO forces bombed the electrical power supply feed to the Alouk Water Plant in Hasakah taking it out of service and depriving over 2 million Syrians of drinking water.

NATO Turkey-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists (aka Nusra Front - Al Qaeda Levant - HTS) bombed the main electrical substation supplying power to run the freshwater pump in the Alouk area of Hasakah province, northeast of Syria, this is the favorite target for NATO forces throughout the past years to exert pressure on Damascus.

The Alouk water pump feeds several cities, towns, and villages in the Hasakah province, notably Qamishli, the largest Syrian city in the northeast, large parts of this region are occupied by different forces sponsored by NATO 'defensive' alliance including Al Qaeda Levant, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, and ISIS (ISIL - Daesh).

The Syrian state has to continuously send engineers to fix either the water plant pumps or the electric supply network to the station targeted by both NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda and NATO US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists.

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These ongoing war crimes, crimes against humanity, and systematic genocide are never reported by NATO-aligned mainstream media, the United Nations Security Council has failed repeatedly to condemn these crimes despite the numerous times these blatant crimes were reported to the council because of the objection of the three permanent NATO member states in the UNSC, the USA, France, and the UK who enjoy the veto power.

The water station has remained out of service since May 2nd, by the time of this report, the Syrian government with the help of the International Red Crescent and Red Cross is providing drinking water to the deprived areas by water tankers.

More in this report by Syria News investigative political analyst Miri Wood: NATO Terrorists Bomb Electrical Feed to Alouk Water Plant in Syria

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4 months ago
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