Lukashenko Saves The Day in Russia

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1 year ago
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Belarusian President Lukashenko mediated an end to the mutiny of members of the Wagner PMC Group.

Lukashenko consulted with Putin before offering his mediation.

The group will return to the battlefields against NATO and its proxies, no shuffling in the ranks of the Russian Ministry of Defense was discussed between the Presidents of Russia and Belarus to solve this crisis.

Taking into consideration their merits, heroism, and devotion to their country, no criminal charges will be pressed against the members of Wagner PMC who joined the mutiny. The same cannot be said about Prigozhin, he will leave for Belarus.

Prigozhin made a huge mistake and he's lucky he wasn't killed before Lukashenko mediated. Prigozhin should never again interfere in politics or make any public appearance from now on, ideally, he should also get interrogated to find out any connections with the West or with Ukraine.

He lost everything he built throughout the years in one foolish move that benefited the enemies of Russia beyond imagination, they now don't need the 'counteroffensive' to continue, they can claim there's mutiny in Russia and if they add more weapons and give Zelensky more money then Putin will be overthrown, which means prolonging the war.

Sadly, what Prigozhin did in one day cost Wagner a lot in the hearts of the Russian people and the rest of the world.

The US-led camp of evil, Nazism, and Zionist soldiers of the Antichrist lost this round on the ground but gained a lot for their propaganda among their brainwashed people.

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1 year ago
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