Jordan Allegedly Bombed Sites in Syria and Murdered 6 Children

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4 months ago
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The 6 children of the same family with their parents were the victims of one of the two alleged Jordanian bombings of two sites in southern Syria, no official narrative claiming responsibility or reporting on the incident from either country, Jordan or Syria, or from other countries in the know.

On Monday, 8 May, sounds of explosions were heard in the northwestern countryside of Sweida and in the southwest of Daraa, the two southern Syrian provinces bordering Jordan.

One of the bombings allegedly targeted a site which unconfirmed news sources claim was a facility to produce Captagon hallucinating pills, mainly used by US-sponsored terrorists of al Qaeda and ISIS to enable them to commit their horrific crimes, extremely barbaric in nature with no remorse, and the same pills are very common among the Saudi youth, the other main destiny of these products.

The other site was literally a water purifying facility, also allegedly related to the production of the above-mentioned Captagon pills, the bombing of this facility led to the murder of an entire family, the father and mother, and their 6 children housed within the facility.

To this day, there are no confirmations of who carried out the bombings, who was really targeted in those bombings, whether those bombings were done by fighter jets breaching Syria's air space, how the intel on the targets was gathered, and who sanctioned those alleged bombings?

A more important question is whether the Jordanians obtained pre-approval from the Syrian authorities to carry out such a bombing within Syria, a very highly unlikely possibility of the Syrians granting them such approval.

If the Jordanians did carry out such a bombing, to start with, and if they did so without Syria's consent, something the Jordanian foreign minister hinted they will do days before this alleged bombing, that would be a double war crime, and Syria will have the right to retaliate in kind when it deems its national security, after all, Jordan hosts the main command center and training camps commanding and training al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in southern Syria.

If in the unlikely event that the Syrian authorities did sanction Jordan to carry out such bombings, the Syrian authorities will have to answer the Syrian people through the media and through the Syrian Parliament on which bases they would allow a NATO stooge, Jordan to commit such a breach of Syria's national security and kill Syrians in Syria? The Jordanian monarchy has never been a good player in regard to the people of the region, hence it's very unlikely that Syria would grant them such approval.

Syria has been combating drug traffickers as much as it has been combating other NATO proxies, especially in the past 12 years, Syrian law enforcement with the help of the Syrian Army managed to eliminate dozens of drug-producing and trafficking rings across the country even while combating al Qaeda and ISIS.

More on this story on Syria News website - link in bio.


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