Israel Bombs Syrian Army Sites South of Damascus

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1 year ago
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US-sponsored Israeli IDF terrorist organization bombed posts of the Syrian Arab Army south of the Syrian Capital Damascus shortly after midnight from over occupied Golan.

The Israeli unprovoked terrorist bombing injured a Syrian Army soldier and inflicted material damage in the targeted posts.

Israel bombs Syrian posts whenever the Syrian Army and its allies deliver a blow to the US-sponsored al Qaeda Levant and its ISIS offshoot in the country, this latest bombing is no exception.

The Israeli 'IDF' is a collection of terrorist organizations combined when the leaders of those UK-designated terrorist groups assumed power in the newly-created antichrist anti-Jewish 'state of Israel' in 1948.

24 hours after the Israeli bombing and the United Nations, the European Union, and the self-proclaimed 'international community' are yet to issue any condemnation of this aggression and breach of Syria's sovereignty, an establishing member of the UN.

This terrorist attack by the totally dependant on the US taxpayers comes within the coordinated US escalation against the Syrian people after losing their war against Russia in Ukraine and losing the hopes of a war against China in Taiwan due to the consumption of their weapons in Ukraine, and more importantly, the US-led cult of antichrist 'liberals' on the world's arena due to their anti-religions so-called 'Western values'.

More in this report: Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus Injuring a Syrian Soldier. (links in bio)

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