Israel Bombs Homs to Help Ease Syrian Army's Pressure on ISIS

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5 months ago
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Observing their Sabbath, the Israelis bombed several posts in the Syrian central province of Homs which just happened to be the same province where the Syrian Arab Army is combing its desert to cleanse it from ISIS, the NATO proxy army in the region.

Two waves of missiles fired from the Lebanese air space hit several targets mostly in southern Homs including a civilian petrol (gas) station blowing it up along with a tanker and some vehicles, the terrorist attack carried out by the Israeli so-called IDF occurred at 10 minutes to 1 am today, Saturday 29 April 2023.

Local sources and a military spokesperson reporting this latest Israeli war crime mentioned that at least 3 civilians were injured in the late bombing.

The Israeli war crime comes as the Syrian Arab Army is intensifying military operations in the open desert connecting the Syrian southern provinces of Sweida and the central province of Homs to clear the desert from the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists.

US-created, funded, armed, trained, and commanded ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) remnants enjoy the protection of the US Army illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf region in the furthest southeastern desert of Homs at Iraq - Syria - Jordan border junction.

Every time ISIS, al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups in Syria find themselves under pressure by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, it's either the US Army, the Turkish Army, or the Israeli IDF terrorist organization that comes to their rescue, the recurrences of these incidents leave no place to doubt who ISIS and the other terrorist groups in Syria work for, well, except for the brainwashed western taxpayers funding these terrorists directly from their hard-earned tax dollars.

More about the latest war crimes of Israel and the Syrian Arab Army's operations against ISIS in the Syrian desert in this report by Syria News's author Safaa S. who lives not far from the bombed sites in Homs: Israel Bombs Homs as the Syrian Army Combats ISIS in its Desert.

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5 months ago
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