Assad Delivering Syria's Speech in the Arab League, NATO Lost its Terrorist War

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1 year ago
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Twelve years after expelling Syria from the Arab League, it was an establishing member of, by NATO stooges spearheaded by Qatar, Syria restores the League back from NATO and its stooges, NATO, the 'defensive' alliance lost its war of terror and attrition against the Syrian people and Syria is resuming its place on the international arena.

Not only did the US-led NATO lose its war on Syria, it lost its hegemony globally thanks to the victory of the Syrian people and their leadership against the plot to take over their country, divide it after destroying it and plundering it, and sequentially isolate Russia, China, and Iran from the rest of the world after blocking their access through Syria in West Asia.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad delivered his victory speech before the heads of the states, and their successors who conspired with their Western masters to oust him:

For the full transcript in English or in Arabic: President Bashar Al-Assad Victory Speech at Arab League Summit (link in bio).

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