Assad Chooses a Lazy Ambassador to Handle the Arab League

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1 year ago
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Syrian President Bashar Al Assad appoints one of the laziest ambassadors as the country's representative to the Arab League after over a decade of estrangement.

11 years ago, the US-led Saudi Arabia and Qatar led a group of other Arab countries and suspended Syria's participation in the League's activities, the same League that Syria along with a few other Arab countries established over a quarter of a decade before Qatar was even founded.

The Arab League was supposed to be a grouping of countries that speak the same language, share the same history, and most of the traditions, and face the same challenges, within this grouping, the League would defend the interests of the Arab people and solve in between differences within its framework. Under the US-led controlled regimes, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, and Morocco, the League became a curse on the Arab people.

It was the entity that called on the foreign meddling and in many cases, its officials were calling on the direct invasion and bombing of Syria after their similar 'successes' in Libya and elsewhere.

Appointing a very lazy ambassador to the Arab League is a new assertion that the Syrians pay less attention to this entity and want to focus more on strengthening bilateral relations with the other Arab states that are interested in the same.

For Syria, the Arab League needs huge reforms before being accepted again by the Syrian people to play any role in their affairs.

To understand more about this and get better background about Assad's appointee to the Arab League: President Assad Appoints a Dull Ambassador to the Arab League. (link in bio)

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1 year ago
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