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Your work

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2 years ago

when I say your work, I mean what you do on earth that people will see and either be sad or happy...what exactly are you doing right now? The good or the bad?

Being good has its reward and also being bad has its reward, choose wisely..will people remember you for the good you did to them or for making them cry? How are u impacting people around you? Come to think of it will your children and generation be proud of you when you are no more? Or will they curse you and stamp on your grave? Think of our fathers and mothers that are gone, think of the great woman Efunsetan Aniwura of Ibadan, think of Ogedemgbe, think of Afonja, think of Oduduwa,...think of Prophet Mohammad (swt) think of Our Lord Jesus Christ, what are u remembering them for? Will your name be written on gold slates or be forgotten?

Think about these things and make a turn for good

God bless us all

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No matter what you do, people will complain

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2 years ago