Life is short

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3 years ago

Life is short? Have u ever wondered why people say that phrase?

Some even termed it in different ways....well to me its very simple I know many of us already know this but lets just read ahead....

Life is short, dont make things difficult for yourself by over thinking, make use of that Little time you to make a difference

Life is short, be happy...your happiness matters, don't use your limited time to be sad and moody, no matter what comes your way always have a cheerful spirit nothing happens for no reason

Life is short ... Help those around you, make them happy, when you are gone or when you need them, they wont forget you, plant a good seed to reap good fruits when the time comes

Life is an umbrella that people will run under whrn the sun is too high or when the rain get too much

Life is short...dont forget the eternal..God is waiting for you u there

Stay blessed

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Life is too short spend it wisely on useful things that help your bio.

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3 years ago

Yea, like that of Wakanda life is short people celebrated him when he was alive and after is death and will still be remembered

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3 years ago