Its a goal!

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3 years ago

football fans, how do you feel when your beloved club wins a match? Happy, related? This wonderful feelings that you can't just describe?

This is exactly how people feels when a mission or a life long goal have been acheived

You sit down and start reminiscing on those times you have to go hungry, tired, stressed,you even get sick, you forget you have people who care about you, you even feel angry and sad when it seems your work is going to naught, but immediately you achieve the goal, you feel like you are not mad for this world..happy, elated, on top of the world, like you won a jackpot...

Many of us at one point it the other have felt this way, its always a goal!

Bless up team!

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When you realize your dreams had came to realization, you feel elated. So therefore it's a Goal!!

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3 years ago