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Clouds near to me

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Written by Β Β 30
1 year ago

Hey !

I hope you all are good πŸ™‚

Today i went to my University after a long time because of this pandemic.

I saw clouds near to me. They are like ..

If i go running towards the clouds and jump to touch them, i was like i can touch the clouds.

Clouds were too pure and perfectly saying their story of less polluted environment

There was no traffic in University for 3months., No pollution, no smoke, nothing.

These clouds are telling their story with happiness and love

You can feel their happiness by this picture.πŸ™‚

Clouds are now free of pollution,may be clouds are saying thanks to Covid-19, because of which atmosphere of university get less polluted..

​Need to think;

Don't you think?? We have to ponder on these points??

We have to maintain our vehicles??

And we need to try to make our atmosphere less Polluted by growing more trees?

Its our

Keep fulfilling your duty

Keep growing trees

Stay Happy 🌸

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Written by Β Β 30
1 year ago
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