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"Learn to understand the meaning of life then you will never be lost".

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1 year ago

“Learn to understand the meaning life then you will never be lost”.

My philosophy in life conveys everyone that it is important that we understand the meaning of life because many of us are lost, out of guide for where life is moving, doubtful, loss of hope, we embrace negativity instead of positive energy, failed so many times, can’t find itself alone, broken and full of fears. But When we start learning to understand the meaning of life we also start finding ourselves, start navigating for where life exactly should be put into place, were able to find resources in any of our emptiness, we build trust to people that surround us, looking always for the brighter side when we experience uncertainty, always fighting to win for the battle of life, being fixed and whole, and full of courage to push life forward and chase successes. Because the true meaning of life is to LIVE to STRUGGLE be SUCCESSFUL and to SERVE GOD.

Life must undergo with all these the said process. And to appreciate my philosophy, you need to understand these elements and each meaning as it will serve as a guide and navigator to which life must be place into reality and embrace the essence of life that we have and live for. which are “to LIVE, to STRUGGLE, to be SUCCESSFUL, and to SERVE GOD. And here it is on how to deal with those elements;

To live- when sometimes If you are at the moment of your life that you think, it is no longer for you to live because of the unhappiness you go through, you experience uncertainty, and life get shaded of emptiness then you don’t understand the life for what it is, that life is to live no matter what reasons lies ahead for you to feel unlived.

To struggle- there is no one lives a life that he/she never get into trials and challenges, that life is defined to undergo the process of struggling. And then overcome those struggles.

To be successful- Every one of us should reach the triumph of our life before we passed away for it is one of the elements that fulfil the true meaning of life. Keep trying, keep moving, fall down into many failures because without those failures what is the essence of your success anyway. Never get tired of trying until you get what u deserve.

To serve God- life is full of fears when you don’t have your God in you. And when that fears consume you, you can’t fight and win your battle alone. The life must have God, the life should believe in God and the life must serve God. When you start serving God you starting also gaining strength, receiving rewards in any form of blessing with contentment, guidance and enlightenment of life for how it is really being defined.

And yes it is normal to experience those failures, and fall downs of our life. To get lost sometimes and not even recognizing ourselves. To have fears or afraid of, to get broken to be doubtful and be anxious once in our life, and I tell you it is normal but when you start Learning to understand the meaning of life and you’ll able then embracing all of those disasters that comes in your life, you were able to learn to deal with it, you were able to learn to surf in the waves of life and never be lost again for even once.

And if there is a chance that you get lost once again and made you think unworthy to live this life and experience failures, emptiness and difficulties in life just remember it’s meaning, to live to struggle to be successful and to serve God.

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Written by   1
1 year ago
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