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Types of human behavior and personalities

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Hello all my friends!how are you?I hope all of you Will be okay. I am new here and my friend told me about this platform and I am very interested to write article on read cash. Today I want to discuss about different varieties of human behaviors.

What is human behavior?

Human behavior is a combination of the various ways in which people respond to their environment and to each other. It refers to our thoughts, emotions, and actions as we interact with other people, animals, and objects in society. These interactions can range from the most simple to intricate social situations such as relationships and conflict.And study of human behavior is known as subdomain of biology.

Types of behaviors that human can have

Behaviors of human can be classified as following

Cognitive behavior

Cognitive human behavior is the act of humans perceiving and understanding external stimuli, such as what we see, hear, feel or smell. This can include memorizing information feedback from our bodies and social surroundings.

For example, when someone sees a frog on the sidewalk, they might think it’s cute or gross and have memories about frogs from when they were younger or previous experiences with them.

Affective behavior

Affective human behavior is a type of behavior that is emotionally driven, usually related to the emotions of pleasure and pain. In the context of psychology, affective behavior is often considered synonymous with emotion and also affective human behavior is the relationship between person and the environment. It is made of two parts: first, an impact on the way in which people feel, and second, a response that depends on how they feel.

An example of affective human behavior is when we feel happy after receiving good news, or feel sad when we hear bad news.

Conative behavior

Conative human behavior is an individual's goal-oriented, action oriented and scripted behavior. Conative behaviors are a part of the behavior process that includes sub modalities such as subjective belief, volition and intention or determination. Thus conative behavior can be defined as the total of one's intentions, efforts and endeavors to achieve a desired outcome.

Conative human behavior is any action that a person takes in order to achieve an objective he wishes to reach.for example conative behavior is the reason you are going to school to learn a specific skill.

Popular types of human personalities

Research classified human behaviors into different types of human personalities which are


Optimistic personality of human is a person who likes to assume the best and expect the best. People with optimistic personality try their level best to achieve the expected result. Optimistic people always believe in everything, even if something will be worst for them in near future. They focus on positive aspects rather than negative. It is necessary for everyone to maintain an optimistic attitude which will keep them motivated and help them follow their dreams and goals


Pessimistic personalities are individuals who think that something bad will happen in the future. They believe it will be impossible to resolve a conflict in a positive way, because they always expect the worst from others and from themselves. Their negativity is expressed by critical comments, lack of trust and pessimism.


Trusting type personalities are characterized by their tendency to trust others, even when they do not feel comfortable doing so. Their thought process is to trust first, then deal with repercussions if necessary. They tend to keep their guard down for long term relationships and are usually loyal partners because of this tendency.


Envious type personalities want to be treated well and think they deserve good treatment. They may secretly compare themselves to others and feel inferior, even though they may be successful at work or school. They are often jealous of people who have qualities they wish they had, such as physical attractiveness or athletic ability. People with envious personality traits can take their own problems out on the people around them.

Closing thoughts

Every human being shows different behaviors, which is what make us unique. The effects of our behaviors are reflected in how people see us and like us, how we feel about ourselves, and how we relate to others including family members. Behavior is one of the most important parts of a person’s personality.

Thanks for reading my article ☺️ and I hope you will enjoy this article after reading.

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