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Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh

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Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh

Almost every city in this beautiful country has a different location. Many locals and foreigners gather every year to visit. There are some tourist attractions, such as eastern climbing, landscape climbing, boating, crossing lunar eclipse and even hiding in the clouds.

1. Cox Bazaar

The most beautiful beach in southern Bangladesh. Paharara Cox Bazaar is the longest sandy beach in the world. The Cox Bazaar is a great place to visit. Also, there are many ways to set up an old layer here.

2. St. Martin:

St. Martin is one of the largest islands in the world. St. Martin is a good place. St. Martin's Island is famous for its flowers. You will find coconut water and shellfish in St. Martin. Here you can enjoy a variety of oceans, including fishing.

3. Rangati:

Among the representatives of Chitagen Hill, Ramandati city is a natural paradise. The small town of woreda on the shores of Lake Capitol will have many attractions. The locations here have been particularly different at different times of the year. However, the precipitation process varies.

4. Hagrachahari:

They Creator of Decorating It With Endless Beauty Mitali, the Chengi and Minnie valleys are flat and have diverse cultures. It is greener and greener wherever the eye goes. Great place for hikers.

5. Sylhet:

Sylhet is one of the few tea houses of Bangladesh. The color, taste, and aroma of sulfate tea are indistinguishable. Jallon's story is famous all over the world.

The. Bichachanakandi:

Silheit is a tourist destination. Rocky borders cross the border and cold water comes from the hills. Next to the harassing green ceremony. Streams of water flowing through small and large boulders make for a good area in Bichankacandy.

The. Sajek:

Even if he lives in Rangamati, you have to go past Hagrachari. Diginala from Hagrachari, then Sajek of Bhaihat. The whole process is amazing, and the view is beautiful. On either side of the road are red houses and green hills.

The. National Park Tour:

The nearest place to Dhaka Woreda is Bahawal National Park. Shaul This park is fully stocked. There are about 220 species of trees, 13 species of animals, 9 species of reptiles, 5 species of birds and 5 species of amphibians.

9. Rangrang:

If Rangrang does not reach the peak, the beauty of Rangamati will remain unfulfilled. Beautiful carnafuli flow into the foothills of the mountain. It is close to Barnafuli in Barkal and Jurachari upazilas. If you can climb to the top, all the beauty around you will come before your eyes!


The venue of the theater is in Bangalore Mongpour Para. This fall brings streams of rocks that protect two massive mountains. When you reach the top of the mountain, the landscape changes. Yellow water landed all over the white blanket.

11. Char Kachapia:

A canal of Char Gashi in the Gula Bola Woreda. Boat in the canal and play in the green fields next to it is a sight to behold. Deer and birds show up in the winter.

12. Tantulia:

Tantulia is located in the Himalayas city of northern Upazilla, Bangladesh. There are many places to visit, including the Tea Garden, Tentalia Post Bungalon, Tentulia Holiday Corner, and Banglabandha Zeropoint.

13. Idrakpur Fort:

A historical site in Idrakur, Munshigan. The fort was erected to defend Dhaka and Nariananganj from attacks by Mughal and Portuguese pirates.

14. Takurgen:

Although Takurgen is a small town, it is a rich city in the old culture. The city has a system of ancient civilizations in Neckmard, Randinilil.

15. Lalbag Tower:

Lalbag Fort is a monument of the Mughal period. Built in the last half of the seventh century, this includes the Paribibi Temple, Court, Hamkamkan, Mosque, Fortress, and more. Lalbag Fort is located on the Burgundan shores.

16. Nilegris:

Nilegris is the largest tourist destination in the country. It is located in Bandarban Tanchi Upazila. Has the ability to touch the cloud compared to cloud with cloud. The east and west in Nilgris were very good during the dry season.

16. Nilachal and Shuvranila:

At the entrance of Bandarban district. Cloud regularly plays in 1,800-foot-high tourist areas. It is a pleasure to see the views of these two attractions on this mountain.

16. Chalanbil:

Chalanbil is the highest paid accountant in Bangladesh. It is popular with touring. The beauty of winter rain can be called the spread of money in 3 workers. During the rainy season, the ocean is watered and a poza paper is prepared.

19. Shuvlon Jarna:

Shuvang Jarna is one of the most popular places in the Rangati area. Tourists come to this place at all times. After a long struggle, a waterfall falls on Capitol Lake. There is no obstacle as close to Shuvlonia, so the beauty of Mount Thee can be fully enjoyed.

20. Ahsan Manzil:

The site of an ancient kingdom in the Kumartuli region outside Burganga. Manzil Rangmahal and Andarmahal were divided. There are many beautiful places on top of the king. There is an old museum here.

21. Mahanstangar :

Cultural Equipment is located in Bogra. The capital of Pandravarhana is now Bogra Mahashangar. Bora also held special administrative positions during the time of Moriah, Gupta, Pala, and Sen. It is located west of the Karatoya coast.

22. Sompur Mahavihara:

Sompur Mahavihara is located in Pahar ur Vihara. It is known as the Buddha Hill among the Indians. It is a very popular destination for tourists. Because it is a historical symbol. Most Indians visit this place.

23. Bengal Taj Mahal:

Sonargan is famous for many reasons. Over time, the world-famous Taj Mahal in Arag was developed here in the village of Perab in Sonargan. It is the second Taj Mahal in Bengal in architecture.

24. Ancient Sonargan:

The Mughal Empire was found in Narayanjang, close to Dhaka. There are five Pear Darga, the old town of Panam, Nilkuti and many heritage houses.

25. Lauchara Forest:

The mountain road through the forest is very thick. Rows and rows of trees on both sides. With it, the soft light of mid-afternoon or afternoon or afternoon makes Lauracharan even more attractive. This forest is located in Molvibazar Kamalgaj Upazila.

26. Rajaban Bihar:

Rajaban Silver Temple Vihara is one of the many temples in the Rengamati region. It is a holy place for monks. It is also a popular destination for temple visitors.

26. Chimbok:

The third highest mountain in the country. In Bandarban, Chimbok is a nationally renowned brand. The view from both sides of the road to Chimbok and the view of the Sang River is breathtaking. Clouds are visible from the foot of the mountain.

26. Golden Temple:

k Temple. The Golden Temple is famous for its golden hues. It is located on a mountain peak in the area of ​​Barbaran Balagata in Bangladesh. Every night on the moon, there are thousands of lights here.

29. The Tower of Lalbach:

Construction of the Lalbag Tower was completed by Muhammad Azam Shah, son of Emperor Aurangzeb of Mujhal Subadar. The dishonesty and weakness of the Mughal era. The design of this tent is attractive to tourists.

30. Sixty Dome Mosque:

The Sixty Dome Mosque, also known as the Sixty Dome Mosque, is one of the largest structures in the Sultanate. Mosques are usually used for prayer.

31. War Museum:

This museum opened on March 22, 1996. The museum houses more than 10,000 handicrafts and paintings. Now it is being improved. Museums are considered to be the best places for a country. Because there are so many important things to do.

32. Cheradwip:

Small and large rocks and some Keya trees are everywhere. And only a blue wire wrapped around it. A small rock in the middle of the sea. This is the end of the map of Bangladesh, in the middle of the area of ​​St. Martin's Island and the Gulf of Bengal.

33. Husseini Temple:

Husseini Temple was built in Dhaka according to Mukhal rule. Most Shi people visit this place for Muharram meetings.

34. Sagarakanya Kuakata:

Sagarakanya Kuakata is a beautiful green land. Kuakata is the only beach in South Asia where the sun rises and sets. Undoubtedly, it is good to see the sun rise in the ocean and the sun rise in the ocean.

35. Patenga Beach:

Patenga Beach is located in Chitagongon. This is one of the most famous beaches in Bangladesh. It is a great place for people who love nature. They come here with their families making the visit unforgettable. It is a popular destination for tourists.

36. Chorara Donor House:

This house is located in Bandura, Nawabbaban. The massive building is named after the Colorado mansion. There are so many stories of the house. Next to this house is a cave outside Ichamat.

36. Barisurg Durgasagar:

The Great Wall of Babugang Durgasagar in Barisal. There is a lot of fun here for tourists and lots of artifacts. The Durgasagar Dhi history is located in front of the palace in Madabasha.

36. Sandarbanks:

Sandarbanks are one of the largest forests in the world. Many tourists from all over the country visit Sundarban. Approved mangrove forest from home and foreign herds sees this Sandbarban deforestation daily.

39. Ringchang Lake:

One of the most beautiful lakes on the top of Mount Rangati. Indigenous people live on 30 hectares. Because the lake is clear, it takes a lot of time depending on the sun, the weather, and the clouds.

40. Ancient Herwa Mosque:

Ancient Mosque at the entrance of Sherr Upazila in Borga. The church is a mission fit with our home. The Cathedral was built in 989 AH / 1582 AD by Mirza Murad Khan.

41. Sonia:

Sonia is not far from Mahshhali in Cox Bazaar. The island is made up of forests in Mangrov and Bahir Dar. The deep blue waters of the sea, the red crab, the red forest, the red sea all come together to create a beautiful landscape.


BANGANDAU Sheikh Mu Mujib Safari Park is one of the most attractive places in the country. Many animals and birds are in captivity.

43. Tajhat Zaminder House:

This house is a hundred years without glory. He lives in Hahat, Range. Natural coconut trees high on both sides. Both pools are in front and behind the house. Many visitors come here to visit.

44. Birsishiri:

Birsishiri is a town in the provinces of Netoko and Bangladesh. It is a land of the most beautiful Chinese. The main favorite of Birishiri is vitreous pottery. The white soil makes the colors of the water more different.

45. Mon Ura Ra:

The largest island in Bangladesh, Bola Province, is a land of natural beauty separated from the mainland. Rapali Island Mon ura ra. Mon Ura Ra Upazila is a fun and beautiful place for locals and foreigners alike.

46. ​​Chargagamati:

Chargagamati is another scenic tourist destination located 10 km east of Kuwata city. Stand here, an enjoyment of the view of the east and the west.

46. ​​Kamila:

The Shalban Church in Kamila is one of the oldest statues in Bangladesh. The Lammamai-Manamati Heritage Site in Komila Woreda has many ancient sites, including birds and many other attractions.

46. ​​Nijumudwip:

Hatiya is located in the southern Upazilla district of Noakali. Nizhny Novgorod is a green island off the coast of Bengal in the southern part of Hatiar. Nijuhudwip is a valuable source of fish, wood, fur and deer.

49. Jaflon:

The view of Giantia Hill in Silheit, the most beautiful view of Jaflon, and the line of bohoganj rocks attracts many tourists. Cold winter weather is a nightmare for both traveling and playing.

50. In Your Country:

There are many ancient temples. It is known as the city of old mosques. There are many ancient shrines, including Zindapier Mosque, Nine Dome Mosque, BB Begini Mosque, Singra Mosque.

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