Phoenix The Magical World ( part-01)

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History: Phoenix_The Magical_World

Part- 01

The world is the magic of Mount Confucius. Not only that, but with all the flames, one of the Confucian animals began to cry. The fire engine was running slowly. There is some ash under the mountain. Suddenly the ashes began to collect. Friends who cried for joy lost their lives. The ashes from the fire began to collect. As the last ashes came together, a baby phoenix on the top of the Navd land shouted. But all the Confucius animals danced happily. As the baby phoenix matched his red face, and orange wings, Confucius' excitement began to explode. A baby phoenix climbs a mountain in Navd, blows a red fan and flies into the sky.

"Phoenix, Fire Bird!" Meherjan Sultan: I look at the sky with one eye and take a deep breath.

A new phoenix was born. That was five hundred years ago. Sultan Omar clung to Meherjan.

Do you think Omar will keep this baby Phoenix safe?

He can defend himself.

I still know why Phoenix seems to be in danger recently.

"Meherjaan, sometimes you think you are worried about Confucius. Do you like Confucius so much?"

You are my Confucius. Loving Confucius is like loving a sultan.

At the end of his speech, Mahari embraced Sultan Omar. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The room's fan curiosity is itchy, and both stand out from the crowd. Then Omar looked at the door and said.

"You can come."

He lowered his head from the inside of the door and entered the room at a three-foot high entrance. The artisan's wife was wearing loose, long-sleeved clothes. His nose is long and hanging forward.

Your Excellency, the Minister of Education has come to meet you.

Let it come.

After a while, Jisa entered the hash room. He bowed to the sultan and the sultan and bowed his head.

Jahampana tomorrow is the first day of the new school year. Tomorrow magicians from many countries will do their best to prove themselves for four years each. Five Confucian States

"Education is not neglected. Jisa, especially beginners, is advised to complete the concept of black fear." Mehrjan Sultan says.

"G. Sultana. We will definitely take care of this. Which college will Jahpana attract?" He asked Jisa.

He is physically ill but I still try to go to every college. Sultan Omar says.

Jahanpana forgive me. It is better to ask Princess Printi Sult to respect the teachers of the school, you know he is very angry. Jesus is in fear.

"Hahahaha. It is your responsibility to lead him. I support all of you. You will be punished. Sultan Omar with a smile."

Yes, yes, I will.

He kissed Jisa and left the room. Maharjan looked at Omar and said,

Our Lover returns to school at the age of nineteen My wife Confucius is in darkness today.

Don't forget, our enemies are still all around us. We have to be careful.

"Well, Omar, how old would I be now, how he lived, what he ate, how he lived." He shed tears as he spoke.



"Ryan, Ryan! Get up. It's eight o'clock in the morning and it only takes thirty minutes to get off the bus to go to college!"

Sophia sleeps for a long time. But it usually does not rise until ten in the morning. Thirty minutes later, Ryan Lee quickly got out of bed.

"Oh Mom, you're calling me now!"

At the end of the talk, Ryan Lee was somehow happy. He sat down at the dinner table and started talking.

You go to school for four years, I'll be back in six months, you're home for the last day, I'll get up in the morning and talk to everyone, or I'll start in a hurry.

Who am I talking to my mother? I have no one but you.

Aren't you the only witch from Ajpargan who had the opportunity to go straight to Ishmael University in Greece? Isn't it good to teach the neighbors a little?

Ryan did not eat, holding his mother's hand and smiling.

You need to know, my mother. No one wants to know. No one, not even you.

Do not say, 'Father,' he is your father.

"Dad is my mother-in-law. He's half-covered and forgets about his family! But one day he can't go without your father's money! Forget everything."

When they looked out the window at a one-story house, they saw a yellow bus coming from the sky and standing in front of the house. Then the bus started blowing. Sophia Lee Ryan looked at the school bus.

"Well, Dad."

Ryan greeted his mother and got on the bus. He got into the car waving to his mother. As soon as Ryan got off the bus, the bus began to float in the air. The bus can run up to 40 feet from the ground. Ryan grabbed the suitcase and got on the bus. The bus picked him up. Yes, many students are upset about this. Ryan sat down next to the boy in the back with a heavy suitcase. The suitcase in front of him disappeared as he sat on the chair.

"Okay, where's my bag?" Ryan suddenly asked.

"No problem, it looks like a place. You just sit and relax." The boy was sitting next to him.

"Oh well. I'm Ryan Lee."

"I'm Brad Smith. Are you the only one selected from this area?"


Then you were very popular in your village.

You can say that. But I see this as negative.


Because I'm not a half-balloon, not everyone was happy before.

This time I bleed half. The girl in the chair next to their table tells everyone.

"Is that so? Who are we to see half-covered?" Brad speaks a little sarcastically.

Don't talk, there will be no discussion on the bus. Everyone will be polite. The sound has never been seen on a bus before.

After a while, the bus stopped to its destination. Everyone on the bus got out and stopped. They all wake up in the morning. And it was the night before to get here. When you enter a Greek university with a very large area, you will see a few hectares of green grass. The ad in the field is painted white on the Greek University office.

After a while, the fighter came and stood with everyone through the gates. A short man came and stood behind him. They both have long noses. Wear a hat, elastic.

"1,2,3,4, ..... 29. Out of the five Greek university applicants, 30 have been selected," he said.

But we have 29 people. Tell the girl.

Brother, what is this girl? She has been asking such questions since day one. Brad smiled at Ryan's ear.

The other is Princess Printi Sultan. Says.

"Son of the Sultan of Maherjan! That means we will get the white blood with us!" Brad shouted.

Hu h. I can write better than him. Tell a girl on the bus.

"Anyway, I'm a Greek university professor, Uncle Shawn, and this is the superintendent of the university, Nizor Desta. We both welcome you. First-year girl, you all lined up at the school gate."

According to Uncle Shaw, everyone was standing in front of the school. Just remember the red carpet at the door. At this point, rockets begin to form in the sky. Unusual things appear on everyone's face. After a while, the carpet moves forward with everyone. As they moved forward, different types of leaves were planted on their heads. This is like a divine problem. All the carpets were in front of the school building. Suddenly, Shaun's uncle appeared in front of them.

Welcome to this is the campus office. You can come here once a year. The leaders of the Confucius region are here today. But when you see them, don't forget to give them your respect. The school elders are waiting for you.

As soon as he finished speaking, Abba Shaun disappeared again.

Everyone slowly climbed the stairs to the top of the office. The height of the house is very high. Like ten angles. However, it has only two levels. Large room on the first floor and office space on the second floor. As they climbed the stairs, everyone was about to enter the room. Suddenly I saw a thin man sitting on the floor with his left hand leaning against the side wall. Everyone looked at him in amazement. Some people's hands and feet were shaking with fear.

Commander Ethan ... Ethan Walker. Brad is slow.

"Hey yes. I know Anna. I've read a lot of books about Anna! Wow I saw Captain Ethan in front of my eyes today!" Tell a girl on the bus from the bus.

One day I could read mantras like Commander Ethan! One by one speaks.

"What a hobby. Ethan Walker You can't read as many mantras in 1 minute every day as you can!" The girl smiled.

This girl is dead. Brad smiled at Ryan's ear again.

"Stupid!" Ethan Walker says the word has not arrived.

"Wow! Ethan Walker told us idiots! That was our good luck!" The girl repeated.

Seeing no one standing in front of him, he got up and ran to the floor. Then he went back to the yard. Her hair began to move up to her shoulders every step of the way. Any woman who sees a good face will be defeated. Everyone stared at Ethan Walker until he lost his sight. When it comes out of the eyes, everyone remembers.

Everyone enters the main room in the same combination as before. All kinds of birds fly indoors. There are four seats in the wheelchair. After everyone was seated, the school adults came in. Everyone gets to know each other. Ryan and Brad sat at a table. A girl on the bus at the desk is also added to their desk. An empty chair was found and another girl entered. Everyone gets to know each other. The girl on the bus is named Olivia Hagen. The new girl's name is Haimanti Young. Suddenly, several chairs were raised in front of the house. The owl at the door rang,

"Beware! The brave Sultan Omar!"

No one can believe that King Confucius accepted first-year college students in this way. Sultan Omar was seated in front of many. As Sultan Omar prepared to speak, a mic floated from the table.

"Peace be upon you. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you. I hope you are all dedicated to your studies. And you have to respect your teachers. The learning process begins with their hands. Everyone knows from 5 Confucius universities every year. , I have finished my speech by greeting you, you will enjoy your meal.

"Look, Ethan Walker came into the kitchen! Ish is my baby's womb." Olivia Hagen seems to have melted into words.

Brother, I say, this girl has no faith, she should stay away from him. Brad smiled at Ryan's ear.

Ethan Walker enters the hall and whispers something in Sultan Omar's ear. There was no smile on his face, no emotion. She likes to be there.

"Ethan Walker doesn't laugh much. Today!" Olivia repeated.

"Uh Olivia, take some time and talk to Commander Ethan one day. Now focus on the food." Brad spoke with a piece of chicken leg in his mouth.

Brad: You finish the meal first. Haimanti laughed.

Shortly after Ethan Walker left, Sultan Omar stood as before. His hands shook and he untied the robe around his neck and began to say.

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