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Lack of desire and love to achieve any goal in human life. That is called Efrat in English. Trudy is a quality that overcomes all trials with unwavering determination.

At the same time, dedication, motivation, constant hard work, and dedication really make the difference between perseverance and perseverance. Success and failure in life depend on perseverance. Perseverance is the key to success in life.

Characteristics of Patience

Life is a beautiful craft. There will be success and success in life. Life is the same for both. So patience is the key to success. Failure comes back to life, so the dream of success cannot sleep. Success comes after patience and many negative things, such as night or day. That's why the poem:

I can't speak anymore If possible or not, to do more, If you can't do it once, look at it a hundred times.

It takes patience to make mistakes when there are constant mistakes. Dedication requires certain traits, such as goal setting, planning, self-confidence, attitude, patience, perseverance, dedication, and the need to complete. It's a combination of all this.

The importance and importance of perseverance is the key to human development. The ancient man completed his defense by defeating his enemy on land, water, and sky. Cultivating uncultivated land, harvesting crops, collecting wetlands, building cities, turning deserts into weeds are all gifts of perseverance.

Beautiful people have entered the area today. In all epistemology, literature, religion, medicine, art, etc., in spite of the unseen progress of all human beings, constant loyalty, love, commitment cannot work and work. Respect is also a measure of the good character of many scriptures. Frank Lloyd talks about the importance of patience -

Success requires three things: to work hard for love And even if he does not realize the dream, going to work becomes a reality. ”

Success does not come overnight. There are losses in life. There is no happiness without success. World writer and author Dell Carnegie says:

Build a palace of prosperity from the ashes of the fall. Shock and shock are two basic elements of success. "

Perseverance is the key to overcoming the challenges of life. Self-determination plays an important role in the development of the individual and the country. It strengthens the economic base of a nation more actively. So unintentionally the only hope for success and the lies of ruhses lakhs are the dreams of the Kanta explosion

In personal life, patience is not the easiest way to live. There are many problems in life. And the only way to overcome these problems is to persevere in the struggle of life. Nothing can be done without it. The words in parables

Why don't you go on Harry for a long time?

Whose heart is full of effort? '

In fact, this initiative is a name of perseverance. The Creator sent everyone to the world with His ability. It takes patience to master the art of self-control. Many people think that big work requires a lot of skills. In fact, I wish every project would be developed beyond this ability.

The comments of French commentator Voltaire on this topic are important:

They have no skills at all, they don't care about skills if they work hard and follow it.

It is enduring and enduring. They are unstable. Successful life is not in your hands. Says Oscar Wilde, world-renowned poet, author and actor.

The process is scientific. You get results when you mix the right ingredients.

- And the important thing is perseverance.

Commitment to Student Life

Student Life is a process of calculating the future. As a result, dedication is an important starting point in every student's life. There is a combination of learning and patience. The student must gain experience by repeating the course. If diligence is the most important thing in a student's life, the foundation for success in life is laid. Without patience, his abilities will not work. Many high-achieving people fail because of lack of energy. So working hard is very important in a student's life. Some students become impatient after failing the test. The world of corn music says Bon Jovie -

Success means falling 9 times and rising 10 times

Economy and perseverance depend on how much the people of a country depend on it. The economic structure of a country is built by the people of that country. History has shown that people in developed countries are less cautious than people in developed countries. Diligent work has helped make the tool a complete success in the development world. If a country's economy is weak, then there are problems in that country. Growth in that country is slow due to lack of funds. So be patient to strengthen the country's economy.

Talent and Patience

Many people think that skill is the key to success. This idea is incorrect. Unstoppable thoughts do not grow. Self-confidence also prolongs the life of people who have the ability to persevere. A person's success or failure is his attitude rather than his ability. Successful people behave like successful people even before they succeed. This belief comes a day before

Examples of worship were emotional for all who followed the world's human culture and love. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) conquered Islam in the world and endured various hardships and bloodshed. The immortal "Shanama" poet has been popular for over thirty years. After twenty years of practice, Gayandra Mahen Das wrote a Bengali translation. Former author Abdul Karim Sahitya Bisharad writes about two thousand ancient people at home as part of an effort. The troops of Scottish King Robert Bruce did not give up after losing to England for six consecutive seasons. He finally won. Newton's lack of awareness of his involvement in research was years of inactivity. They can't try to do the right thing. Napoleon Bonaparte said:

"It is an impossible word, it can only be found in the dictionary of fools."

Commitment to Life Every citizen must work hard to build a prosperous country. His experience is important in his personal life to create a desire to live in the country. In this regard, the need for a person to achieve national success is paramount. People have persevered and built prosperity today. People have conquered the heavens from darkness. Moving to the moon. After all, patience is a pursuit. Because of patience, people are getting new technology and using technology people are building temples on top of them. And this prosperity and life development has been created in the country.

Practice Patience

Patience is an unexpected quality from birth. One must be done. Only then can success come. Best Offer by American Arnold Glasgow -

“The fire of prosperity does not burn with each other. You have to burn it with your hands. "

The Son who came to earth did not come first. But he learned to walk slowly. So we need to learn to be patient from an early age.

Mao Zedong, Director of China-China Cooperation, said.

If you want your child to succeed, teach him fishing and keep him from eating.

Success comes when the foundation is strong. We can practice patience with our students, entrepreneurs, teachers, porters, traders, etc.

American billionaire Warren Buffett

The most successful people in the business are those who do what they love the most.

Suffering from persistence

Man is a creature of life. People have natural needs. It's natural. There are many people in the church who prosper financially. That is, he took to heart the desire to be a banana tree and chose to persevere. The desire to work tonight is nothing more than foolishness. Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs says

If you work hard for us then you will see that all successes come with time.

The words of American author and poet Herman Melvey about endurance are true:

A horse is never better than a horse.

Learning Trudy

If we look at developed countries and developed countries around the world, we see that there is a constant demand for human beings and that model is sustainable. Nelson Mandela said:

"The greatest honor of life is not to fall, but to rise every time you fall."

This is the key to being patient. There is no place for cheapness in life. Because life does not stop. Life is like a river. So, if you go back and look at the failures in life, you will not succeed. Mark Twain, the world-renowned poet and poet, says:

"Success in life requires two things: patience and faith."

The key to patience is to dream after mistakes. We must remember that good times come after bad times. And it takes patience to make the most of that time.

Perseverance and Bangali

We gained freedom for more blood and sacrifice. I can say I am a Bengali. Can we really get the benefits of Bengali? It is a great advantage that our Bengals do not have much patience. We have no energy, no desire to work, no desire to perform. World writer and author Dell Carnegie says:

Uninterested, selfless and incapable of working hard,

But it usually happens. "

But these simple experiences are not in us.


Nothing can change his patience to praise the country he has achieved in his life. If there is a concerted effort to achieve this goal, no intervention will stop the country. Simple people pass the test of perseverance and perseverance and at the same time achieve success. Every successful life is a film of perseverance in the heart. So everyone should have this special quality from an early age.

According to Indian scholar, lover and author Swami Vivekanda

"Set a goal. Make that goal a part of your life.

Think, dream. Your brain, your muscles, your blood - by spreading the target throughout the body,

And forget everything else. Here is the way to do it. "

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