The Half Cast

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The half Cast

I am a half cast who lives far away from people.

I have two brothers David and Mark.

Image by Tumisu through Pixabay

We live together as brothers at Umukoko village. The village makes up of men and women but we do not dress like the Engish people because my village Umukoko loves tradition too much which makes us a traditional entity.

Our parents are both late because of the accusation my village conspired against them which led to the killing of my father and my mother for a sin they know nothing about. My village believed that our parents did something wrong against the land as they all claimed. Our parents were killed before the eyes of my two brothers David and Mark and I was also there as the first born of the house.

What did our parents really do against my village Umukoko that led to their death in a broad daylight that nobody even supported to rescue them?

My father was a hunter popularly known as a man of peace within Umukoko village and our neighboring villages. My father was once loved by members of our village because of how generous he was to our people when he was still alive. Any time my father comes back from hunting and he killed enough animals with his hunting skills, he will give some of the meets to a nearby palm wine restaurant free without any payment. My father will other the restaurant to prepare the meet he gave to them for the general public consumption of the entire community because of this generosity of my father to our village Umukoko, he was loved, cared for, and praised by every other man.

My father and mother were deeply in love. Both of them understand each other to an extent that any time there’s nothing to eat. Our mother will be the one to provide for the family because our mother was a businesswoman within the village. She used to sell rice, yam, and potato during Eke market days which is mainly specified for marketing our village Umukoko. Most of the things our mother used to sell in the market are planted and harvested on our village farm.

Because of how famous our parents were when they were still alive. I and my two brothers David and Mark never knew that our uncle was planning evil for our parents because of his level of envy and greediness.

I could remember when my mother used to tell me some secret things about herself because she loved and trusted me as the first son of the house. My mother used to tell me that my uncle used to disturb her, wanting to force her by sleeping with her.

My mother was very beautiful and every man wanted her when she was still single. What my mother used to tell me about my uncle was never believed by me not until when he set my parents that led to the killings in our village square.

In my village Umukoko, we do not eat snails not to talk about using them to cook because it is against the custom and traditions of our land. Our uncle Mr. Kingsley tried everything to sleep with my mother but my mother refused which made my uncle go inside the forest and get a snail no body understood how he put the snail inside our pot of soup.

Did you even know what Mr. Kingsley did? He went and tells our village warriors that he saw my mother cooking soup with snail. When they came to our house, my mother was forced to open the pot of soup and she did. Our Village people saw the snail inside the pot. Immediately, my uncle told them that he heard my father telling my mother to use the snail for the soup. The warriors arrested our parents.

Our king judged the case and even wanted to set my parents free but the majority of our village quoted him wrong citing the law of our land. Our parents were beheaded before the eyes of me and my two brothers but we couldn’t do anything. They were thrown inside the evil forest.

That day of the murder of our parents, the king called me and my two brothers (the half cast), meaning that nobody should ever associate with us within the village. The king passed a decree that we should be sent outside the village far from the land.

I and my two brothers keep suffering alone without any help not until one day when our uncle confessed that he was the one that set up our parents out of jealousy. Our uncle said everything before he died from a strange illness.

The villages came looking for me and my two brothers to ask for forgiveness. My two brothers David and Mark wanted to fight them but I stopped them. They took us back to our village Umukoko. The king offered us some land to live on and be farming for free. He also gave us some other valuable items.

This was how I and my two brothers regained freedom.

Note: This story is telling us how to stop being greedy and jealous about what is not ours.

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Wow such an amazing story

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Thanks for reading.

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