Great Thatch Bar With Full Ancient Interior Design and Environment

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2 years ago

The location of this Thatched house bar is in Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria.

I have continued to move around the State to capture and experience some of the ancient thatched houses, bars, and hotels because I never imagined in life that such wonderful thatched buildings with great designs are still in existence, especially in Nigeria.

I used to see thatched houses with wonderful designs in Nollywood movies but seeing them now as I am currently based in such a wonderful environment is really a great opportunity for me to capture and document them for the present and future purposes.

Benue State is one of the States in Nigeria that is mostly surrounded by ancient African thatched house Architectural structures that are mostly amazing. At first, when I was posted in this state to do my NYSC service I never wanted because I was taught that the state will be a boring type like some people say but ever since I was opportune to move around some local places within and outside the town of Makurdi Benue State. I have been filled with joy and laughter with some wonderful designs of thatched buildings I see within the state.

This particular bar built with a thatched design is alongWurukum Road of Benue State University. The bar was built to support relaxation among individuals within and outside the state.

This thatched bar was also built to support different people seeking where to put their heard far from the sun and get something chilled. The thatched roof of this bar does not allow the sun to penetrate inside the bar thereby avoiding heat because of the hot sun under the state.

The most surprising thing about this thatched bar is that soldier termite does not eat on them which also makes such thatched buildings last long.

Before when I have not come in contact with thatched buildings, I taught that it is raining and that water will be penetrating inside which made me too afraid to enter such environments but today, thatched buildings have become tourist centers environments for online documentation.

Currently now, this particular bar I shared here is under maintenance because it has been in existence for more than ten years.  When I visited this bar for research, I was opportune to meet the designer who structures such wonderful thatch buildings and bars.

I interacted with him while he was maintaining the bar, and he told me that the bar has used the entire guarantee and it is due for maintenance. He also made me understand that some of the bars or thatched buildings can only last for ten years while those that last longer are more costly.

One certain day, I visited this bar and I couldn’t see space because of the population of customers inside the thatched bar enjoying themselves. I left and come the next day and I was able to see some space.

I will categorically say that such thatch bars are really amazing and called for a place to spend time with friends and family. I will not lie to you, thatch bars in Makurdi are one of the places I drive joy from in day time especially when there is a heavy sun within the state.

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